Community Relations

Arnold Engineering Development Complex is the nation's largest aerospace ground flight simulation complex. It has played a key role in the development of the nation's high priority military jet aircraft, long-range missiles and space systems as well as commercial aircraft. In addition, our complex operates wind tunnels, jet and rocket engine altitude test cells, space chambers and ballistic ranges.

The Complex has designed an extensive network of resources to put you, the community, in touch with Arnold Air Force Base. We are in an an exciting and challenging time, and we'd love to share our plans with you.

Speakers Bureau

AEDC maintains a volunteer speakers bureau which includes military, Air Force civilians, and contractor employees who will be pleased to talk to your organization on a variety of subjects. These topics include: Air Force strategies for the next century, privatization of military bases, scientific and engineering opportunities, and life in the Air Force. Although we are a test organization, we also have a highly skilled support staff who can talk with authority on a variety of fields such as accounting, computers, contracting, safety, and other Air Force support functions.

Arrangements for speakers should be made at least three weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient preparation time. Requests should include the following:

Type of meeting and audience
Date, time and place
Topic desired and length of time allocated to speaker
Point of contact for the speaker
Audiovisual equipment available

If you are interested in having one of our speakers address your group, please contact:

AEDC Public Affairs
100 Kindel Drive, Suite B212
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-2212
(931) 454-5655

AEDC Base Tours

AEDC welcomes the opportunity to show the Complex to tour groups. The tour consists of a video presentation and a tour of the major facilities, and takes approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Tours are offered Monday through Friday, except for holidays and the Christmas to New Year's period.

For more information on AEDC's tour program or to submit a request, click here.

Aerial Flyover/Static Display Requests

All requests are handled by the Department of the Air Force.

Organizations wishing to submit a request should visit the USAF Aerial Events Support Website, or contact:

USAF Aerial Events
Commercial: (703) 695-9776 or 695-9664
DSN 225-9776 or 225-9664
Fax: (703) 693-9601 or DSN 223-9601