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Arnold AFB Entry Screening Process

a. COVID-19 Positive: Personnel will not enter the installation for 5 calendar days from the date of the positive test. Follow the return procedures below and notify their supervisor.

b. Symptomatic (Regardless of Vaccination Status): Personnel who have signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will not enter DoD facilities.4 DoD personnel must notify their supervisor. Contractor personnel report cases consistent with employer’s policies. Personnel who develop any signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while on the installation must immediately distance from other personnel, wear a face mask if they are not already wearing one (regardless of Community Level), notify their supervisor, and promptly leave the installation.

c. Asymptomatic Exposure to COVID-19: Personnel in the workplace with exposure to a person who has a lab-confirmed, clinically diagnosed, or presumptive case will notify their supervisor. Contractors follow their employer’s notification policy. Wear a mask indoors on the installation for 10 calendar days from the date of their exposure (i.e., day 0), even if masking is not otherwise required by guidance. Servicemembers in the workplace must test using a self-screen or laboratory test at least once after 5 calendar days following exposure.

d. Returning to the Installation: Personnel who test positive for COVID-19 will remain away from the installation for 5 calendar days. Individuals may enter the installation after 5 calendar days, if either: (1) they have no symptoms, or (2) they are no longer feverish for more than 24 hours with remaining symptoms are resolving. Personnel returning to the installation who tested positive must wear a mask indoors if 10 calendar days has not passed since they tested positive.

CDC Community Transmission


Options Available to DoD Employees Who Feel Their Worksite is Unsafe due to COVID-19

There are several options available to employees if an employee feels that their specific worksite is an unsafe working condition due to the possibility of contracting COVID-19.  First and foremost, employees can utilize the chain of command to notify their supervisors of the unsafe working condition.   If utilizing the chain of command does not provide relief, or if an employee has reservations utilizing the chain of command, then employees have several other options on what they can do to report an unsafe working condition. 

  1. Call the Commander’s Action Line at (931) 454-6000,
  2. Notify their Union representative if they are a bargaining unit employee,
  3. Notify the Safety Office of an unsafe workspace,
  4. File a US Department of Labor OSHA complaint for an unsafe working condition,
  5. Seek reasonable accommodation as a result of disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act if your disability puts you at risk when working within the workspace,
  6. File an administrative grievance under the Administrative Grievance process under DoDI 1400.25-V771

The chain of command may also be utilized to seek telework or administrative leave, particularly as a result of being a high risk person through the OPM/AFMC High Risk Personnel process.  The High Risk Personnel process can be found with policy 20200322 AEDC COVID-19, Guidance to Supervisors

Impacts at Arnold AFB


Base Exchange

Base Exchange remains open - patrons must be able to pass the Entry Screening Process for Arnold AFB.

Defense Commissary Agency

Commissary remains open - patrons must be able to pass the Entry Screening Process for Arnold AFB.

Legal Office

Legal assistance appointments are limited, and active duty personnel are being prioritized.  Personnel accompanying clients to the legal office must be limited to only personnel essential for the visit.  Admittance to the legal office, for any reason, is by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call the JA front desk at 931-454-7814 or email

Standard Precautions