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Advanced Missile Signature Center

The Advanced Missile Signature Center (AMSC), located at Arnold AFB, is a national facility supporting the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and other DoD programs and customers with analysis, modeling, measurement, archival and distribution services.


The AMSC was formed in 1989 as one of three Strategic Defense Initiative Organization phenomenology data centers. AMSC support continued as missile defense priorities and programs evolved with the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The AMSC mission continues to center on boost phase missile UV-VIS-IR plume signatures and has expanded to also included backgrounds signatures, re-entry vehicle development and operational test signatures, aerothermal ground test data, directed energy development test data, and foreign and domestic tactical missile signature data. The AMSC also supports DoD as a limited source for fixed and rotary wing aircraft and drone signatures, tactical missile false alarm source signatures, and acoustic and narrow / wideband radar missile signatures.

The selection of AEDC as a location for the AMSC was based on existing subject matter expertise in EO-IR instrumentation development and field application, and demonstrated analysis and modeling capabilities. Each of these capabilities has continued to evolve and mature at AEDC, complemented by and from the information management capabilities and program interactions associated with data archival and distribution.

Visiting AMSC

All visits must be coordinated with the User Representative. If you are requesting a visit to AMSC, you must submit a visit request one week prior to the actual visit. Visit requests and security clearance information should be sent to ATA Security.

Upon arrival at Arnold AFB, all visitors are required to stop at Pass and Registration -- located just outside the Arnold Main Gate -- to obtain a visitor's badge, map of the base, and directions to AMSC. AEDC restricts visitor use of PC and other digital equipment without prior coordination.

For information on area airports, visit Arnold's local area information page. To obtain a map and directions to Arnold AFB, click here. If you need help determing local accommodations, contact your AMSC representative.

AMSC Data Access

AEDC restricts visitor use of PC and other digital equipment without prior coordination.

Authorization must be on file at the AMSC verifying the user's need to access the data requested. This can be accomplished by completing an
online registration form. Please provide all requested information and follow instructions on the form for submittal to the AMSC. It is suggested that "Need-to-Know" verification and security clearances be resubmitted annually to ensure the user maintains uninterrupted access to the AMSC.

Contact Information

AMSC Address
Advanced Missile Signature Center
939 Schriever Avenue
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9900
Phone: (931) 454-7873
DSN: 340-7873
Fax: (931) 454-4611
DSN: 340-4611

AMSC Director
939 Schriever Avenue
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9900
Phone: (931) 454-5964
DSN: 340-5964

Send Visit Requests and Clearances to:
AEDC Security
253 Von Karman Road
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-2250
Phone: (931) 454-3440
Fax: (931) 454-3474