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AMSC Data and Analysis

AMSC staff analysts assess and evaluate data sets archived within the AMSC for several purposes. The analysts check the data for self-consistency, perform cross-comparisons of various instruments that observed the same target, and evaluate the utility of the data with respect to developing and applying knowledge of observed signature phenomena. Data is converted to Standard Archive Format (SAF) for final archival at the AMSC.

The AMSC maintains a complete and current suite of boost and reentry signature codes for modeling and simulation. The AMSC is actively involved in the continual refinement and evaluation of the models against data, in an effort to provide more reliable signature estimates to the users. For further information please contact our User Representative.

Several types of data are available at the AMSC. Our User Representative or an AMSC Principal Investigator will assist you as needed to define specific portions of a data set and the desired data and media formats.


  • Imagers
  • Radiometers
  • Radar
  • Spectrometers
  • Accoustical
  • Imaging Spectrometers

Signature Regimes

  • Passive
  • Active

Target Types

  • Aircraft
  • Artillery
  • Ballistic Missile
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Tactical/Cruise Missile

Measurement Platforms

  • Aircraft
  • Ground Sites
  • Satellites
  • Ships
  • Test Chambers


  • Celestial
  • Earth Limb
  • Terrestrial
  • Tactical False Alarm


  • Calibration Data
  • Sensor Parameters
  • Target Parameters
  • Trajectory
  • Weather Information

Contact Information

AMSC Address
Advanced Missile Signature Center
939 Schriever Avenue
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9900
Phone: (931) 454-7873
DSN: 340-7873
Fax: (931) 454-4611
DSN: 340-4611

AMSC Director
939 Schriever Avenue
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9900
Phone: (931) 454-5964
DSN: 340-5964

Send Visit Requests and Clearances to:
AEDC Security
253 Von Karman Road
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-2250
Phone: (931) 454-3440
Fax: (931) 454-3474