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AMSC User Services

The AMSC offers a variety of user services. A full time user representative and data set analysts/principal investigators are available to assist users in selecting the data that best meets their program requirements.

Archival and Networks

All data at the AMSC are managed for long duration availability in an environmentally controlled facility. Data received for archival are checked and verified before being transferred to permanent archive media. Digital data are correlated with pertinent ancillary data in a standard archival format and paper documents are scanned and indexed for online retrieval. At least one AMSC analyst is assigned to each data set to coordinate the archival process, support data evaluation/assessment, and assist users in selecting the appropriate data to meet their program requirements. The AMSC also has on-line mass storage systems that provide Users with quick access to digital data products and softcopy documents.

Signatures Support Program (SSP)
The AMSC is one of the data centers ensuring the accessibility and sustainment of their signature holdings within the national signatures pool in support of DIA/DT's U.S. government wide Signatures Support Program (SSP). The SSP is a joint, multi-community program to implement an authoritative measurement and signatures data system to provide users seamless online access to U.S. Government signatures data. It leverages and links multiple signature data centers into a complementary distributed system through which users can electronically locate and retrieve high quality signature data. The various signature data centers within the SSP are ultimately responsible for the content, quality and management of the signature data hosted at their respective sites. For additional information please contact our User Representative at (931) 454-7873.

User Services

User Support Representative
  • Coordinates User Requests and Visits
  • Supports User in Identifying Data Requirements
    during Initial Contact
  • Coordinates Principal Investigator Support for User Request
  • Maintains User Database
Principal Investigators
  • A Data Analyst Assigned to Each Experiment or Program Archived
  • Provides Subject Matter Expertise for various topics
  • Coordinates Data and Metadata Ingestion and Archival
  • Evaluates Data and Produces Assessment Reports as Warranted
  • Advises Users on Data Availability and Caveats
  • Recommends Distribution of Appropriate Data
  • Supports User Visits to AEDC or travels to user's site
On-Site User Services
  • User Rooms
  • User Hosts
  • Data Consultations
  • Specialized Data Processing
  • Bibliography Searches
  • Analysis and Modeling Tools
  • On-Line Catalog
  • Scanned Document Search Tools

Video Services

The AMSC Imaging Lab was designed to support the ingestion/archival of experiment video/film data and to provide a quick post-production capability for rapid generation of video presentations. The system will support digitizing to all current formats, duplication between all major video formats and archiving to uncompressed digital image sequences. The lab also supports composing post-mission data tapes for presentation and analysis purposes.

The all digital post-production facility can support all of the typical production operations:
- Non-linear editing, broadcast quality titling, and compositing
- Side-by-side, quad image, and multiple time registered video sequences & simulations
- Image processing and enhancement, including noise removal, background processing, motion compensation, etc.
- High quality animation sequences
- Sound track generation with sound booth, music and sound effects library
- Playback and recording of all broadcast standards (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, etc.) on VHS
- Multi-media authoring, including MPEG-1 or -2 on CD-R, video-CD, and DVD

The AMSC's video data digitization system consists of a DVS SD Station Pro real-time video disk and its video/computer network interfaces. Features include:
- Spatial Resolution - 480 (vertical) X 720 (horizontal)
- Quantization Levels - RS-170 Monochrome Video - 10 bit greyscale
- Composite Color Video (NTSC) to RGB Components - 10 bits per color component
- Component Video (RS-170 Format) - 10 bits per color component

The AMSC has two film digitizing systems, 6/35 mm and a 70 mm. The digitized data can be archived in all current image formats from uncompressed individual images to all current Mpeg/Avi formats.
- 70 mm: at 8/10/12 bits per pixel (monochrome)
Spatial Resolution: 1250x1250, 2500x2500, 5000x5000, 10000x10000 pixels - 35 mm: at 10 bits per pixel (monochrome)
Spatial Resolution: up to 6000x6000
- 16 mm: at 10 bits per pixel (monochrome)
Spatial Resolution - up to 2600x2600

The Trackeye software is used to capture and analyze the images from the 16/35 mm system. Built into the software are various analysis tools used to process the images. Part of the analysis capability is the tracking of moving objects. The software can track an unlimited number of objects at one time. An added advantage to the software is that it accepts almost any type of video/image file.

Contact Information

AMSC Address
Advanced Missile Signature Center
939 Schriever Avenue
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9900
Phone: (931) 454-7873
DSN: 340-7873
Fax: (931) 454-4611
DSN: 340-4611

AMSC Director
939 Schriever Avenue
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9900
Phone: (931) 454-5964
DSN: 340-5964

Send Visit Requests and Clearances to:
AEDC Security
253 Von Karman Road
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-2250
Phone: (931) 454-3440
Fax: (931) 454-3474