AEDC Fire and Emergency Services/Emergency Management Team receives Gen. Gossick Team Excellence award

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The Arnold Engineering Development Center Fire and Emergency Services/Emergency Management Team has been recognized for their exceptional performance of the fire protection and emergency management missions. Fire and EMS crews executed a high-angle rescue effort when a worker was pinned on a 20-foot high scaffold by a heavy pipe near the Center's T-3 test cell. Rescue and EMS members' great skill and coordination resulted in a successful rescue and full recovery. Outstanding performance by the fire and EMS crews contained oxygen and acetylene fed fire at the Engine Test Facility/AC&T facility. Fire teams located the blaze, re-located for optimum attack and contained the flames to the area of origin. The team's efforts greatly limited mission impact. Fire Department instructors completed 100 percent classroom and practical training to bring the department in compliance with the state's Vanessa K. Free law. This mandatory safety training greatly enhanced the safe conduct of all emergency driving operations and ensured full legal compliance. The team supported the Common Battlefield Airmen Training (CBAT) team by supplying detailed fire protection requirements for proposed training facilities and helicopter landing support for two UH-60's ferrying CBAT team members.