During a June 25, 1951, ceremony at Arnold Air Force Base, President Harry Truman draws aside the curtain to reveal a dedicatory plaque mounted to a granite rock. The ceremony was held to dedicate the Air Engineering Development Center as the Arnold Engineering Development Center in honor of Gen. Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, who had passed away before the ceremony and whose vision was instrumental in bringing the center to fruition. Pictured with Truman is Arnold’s widow, Bee. It was 70 years ago this month that Truman signed into law the bills that allowed for the establishment of AEDC. (U.S. Air Force photo)
Three generations of the Garrard family have worked at Arnold Air Force Base, beginning with Jim Garrard, center, pictured here in March 2021, with his son, Doug, second from right; daughter-in-law, Angelia, second from left; granddaughter, Rachel; and grandson, Justin. Doug, Angelia, Justin and Rachel all currently work at Arnold Air Force Base. (Courtesy photo)
Lt. Col. Lane Haubelt, chief of the Arnold Engineering Development Complex Propulsion Test Branch, left, administers the oath of office to newly-promoted 1st Lt. Gregory Landrum during a promotion ceremony May 21, 2021, at Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn. (U.S. Air Force photo by Jill Pickett)
(U.S. Air Force graphic by Brooke Brumley)

About AEDC

AEDC shieldArnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) operates more than 68 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, space environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges and other specialized units located in eight states. Many of the complex's test units have capabilities unmatched elsewhere in the United States; some are unique in the world. AEDC is one of three installations which are part of the Air Force Test Center (AFTC), one of six subordinate commands of the Air Force Materiel Command organization and an important national resource. View AEDC's fact sheet. View/Read AEDC's Test Facility Guide.

Our Mission: To prove the superiority of systems required to meet the demands of the National Defense Strategy.

Our Vision: Second to none!

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The Arnold AFB Visitors' Center is the single point of service for issuance of identification media to include Common Access Cards (CAC), military (including Guard, Reserve or Retiree) and family member ID Cards. The center also produces access badges/cards for entry to AEDC/Arnold AFB.

The Visitors' Control Center and DEERS office operates from 6:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (0630-1700) Monday through Friday.

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To ensure availability of required services please call (931) 454-5453.

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Volunteering is such an important part of giving back to the community. Below are volunteer opportunities and resources available to base personnel.

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The Commander's Action Line is an integral part of the base feedback network. Always use the proper chain of command to address your concerns; if you are not satisfied with the response or you are unable to resolve the problem or concern, call the Action Line at (931) 454-6000. You may also submit an Action Line ONLY after the member has attempted to make resolution through the appropriate chain through the AEDC Intranet home page.

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