Public Tours

tour group imageAEDC welcomes the opportunity to show the Complex to tour groups. The tour consists of a video presentation and a tour of the Complex's major facilities and takes approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Tours are offered Monday through Friday, except for holidays and the Christmas to New Year's period.






Tours are scheduled by reservation at least two weeks in advance. The following information will help you in scheduling a tour of the Complex. Our telephone number is (931) 454-5655. Please be advised that military requirements could cancel your tour even once confirmed. A list of names is required in advance. Tour forms are located at the bottom of this web page.

What You Need to Know

You must submit a list with the name and citizenship of each visitor, including any bus drivers. This group roster must reach the AEDC Public Affairs Office at least seven business days in advance of your group's scheduled visit.

Anyone not listed on your group roster should not be brought to AEDC. They will not be allowed to tour and their presence will delay or shorten your tour.

Tour Content/Dress
Tours are conducted in an industrial area and involve walking, some on steel grating, and climbing stairs. Comfortable walking shoes should be worn. DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS, OPEN-TOED SHOES OR SANDALS. Anyone not wearing appropriate footwear will not be allowed to tour. Children 8 years old or older are welcome to tour.

Special Provisions for Foreign Nationals
Foreign nationals from NATO, allied and friendly countries generally can tour AEDC. However, they must be identified on the roster, and they must bring photo identification with them. Rosters containing foreign nationals must be submitted 30 business days in advance of the tour date. You should confirm that all foreign nationals on your list have been approved by AEDC PRIOR to touring.

Special Arrangements for Mobility Impaired
AEDC is a large industrial complex - most of the facilities we tour are not equipped for mobility-impaired persons. We can, however, on a case-by-case basis, arrange tours for the mobility impaired but arrangements must be made prior to touring.

Size of Tour Groups
A tour group should consist of at least 15 people and a maximum of 35. Larger groups are considered on a case-by-case basis. Tour groups must provide transportation while touring. A small shuttle or large bus is acceptable. Multiple cars or a caravan of vehicles are not allowed for touring.

REMINDER: Use of cameras and video recorders is not permitted. Smoking is not allowed during tours.



AEDC Educational Tours

Educational Tours increase the level of outreach to educators and students and help motivate today's students to become tomorrow's engineers and scientists.
Students will learn about the work AEDC does and its importance to America's air and space superiority. Students also have the opportunity to tour test facilities on base, interact with members of the Air Force and other Complex employees and ask specific questions about flight, educational requirements and military life. 

For more information or to schedule a tour date, please contact the NAS Public Affairs office at (931) 454-5655.

Contact/Tour Forms

Tour Coordinator
AEDC Public Affairs
100 Kindel Drive, Suite A-236
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-1236
(931) 454-5655
FAX (931) 454-6720



About AEDC

AEDC has test facilities ranging from large wind tunnels and altitude jet and rocket test cells to space chambers, ballistic ranges, arc heaters (to simulate the high temperature generated reentering the Earth's atmosphere) to small research test cells. The Complex's unique test facilities simulate flight from sea level to space and from subsonic to hypersonic speeds approaching Mach 20.

AEDC Public Affairs

AEDC Public Affairs
100 Kindel Drive, Suite A-242
Arnold AFB, TN 37389
(931) 454-4204
Privacy and Security
Public Affairs cannot provide individual phone numbers, nor do they have the ability to transfer phone calls.