ID/CAC/Visitor Badge

The Arnold AFB Visitors' Center is the single point of service for issuance of identification media to include Common Access Cards (CAC), military (including Guard, Reserve or Retiree) and family member ID Cards. The center also produces access badges/cards for entry to AEDC/Arnold AFB. For more details, visit the Base Entry web page.

The Visitors' Control Center and DEERS office operates from 6:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (0630-1700) Monday through Friday.

Link: ID Card Office Locator & Appointments

To ensure availability of required services please call (931) 454-5453.

Important Telephone Numbers

The Area Code for Arnold Air Force Base is 931 (931-XXX-XXXX)
The DSN prefix for Arnold Air Force Base is 340 (340-XXXX)
To call Arnold AFB from overseas: 312-340-XXXX (operator 340-3000)
To do "off-net calls" (Morale Calls) you must call the operator as listed above. All other "morale call numbers" are now disconnected. Please share this information with those who have "morale call listings".
Emergency Fire/Police/Ambulance 911 on base telephone system
(931) 454-3117 from base housing or cell phone
Crime Stop (Security Forces Desk) 454-5662
Fire Department Desk 454-5648
Military Family Housing Office 454-7687
Other numbers in alphabetical order:
AEDC Inspector General 454-5202
Arnold Lakeside Complex 454-3350
Base Civil Engineering 454-3550
Base Exchange (BX) 454-7153
Base Operator 454-3000
Café 100 454-5885
Chaplain 454-7970
Cmd Action/Idea Hot Line 454-6000
Commissary 454-7249
Contracting Office 454-7806
Air Force Medical Aid Station 454-5351
Environmental Programs 454-6653
Equal Employment Opportunity 454-7096
Finance (AF) 454-4356/454-4364
Fire (Non-Emergency) 454-5648
Fitness Center (Gym) 454-6440
Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline 454-4688
Golf Course 454-GOLF (4653)
Gossick Leadership Center 454-7779
Historian 454-4203
Household Goods & Personal Property 454-7805/454-7804
Housing Office 454-7687
Hunting/Land Use 454-3230 - AEDC Wildlife Management Area – 931-967-6101
Library 454-7220
Legal Office (Staff Judge Advocate) 454-7814
Lodging (Wingo Lakeside Lodge) 454-3051
Marketing (Services) 454-3128
Office of Special Investigations (OSI) 454-7820
Outdoor Recreation 454-6084
Passports 454-4314
Personnel Offices
   Air Force 454-7824
   Civilian 454-5477
Public Affairs 454-4204
Services Nonappropriated Fund's Human Resources 454-4945
Retired Activities Office 454-4574
Security Forces (Police)
    Desk Sergeant 454-5662
Safety Office 454-7789
Services Director 454-7779
Travel (Wright Travel) 1-800-643-5992
Veterans Affairs-Tullahoma VA Clinic 454-6134
Visitors' Center (ID Cards) 454-4010

Need Assistance

Emergency Fire/Police/Ambulance 911 on base telephone system
Base Operator: 
(931) 454-3000 or DSN 340-3000
Employee Info. - (931) 454-3600
Helping Agencies
Public Tour Information

AEDC Public Affairs

AEDC Public Affairs
100 Kindel Drive, Suite A-242
Arnold AFB, TN 37389
(931) 454-4204
Privacy and Security
Public Affairs cannot provide individual phone numbers, nor do they have the ability to transfer phone calls.

Commander's Action Line

The Commander's Action Line is an integral part of the base feedback network. Always use the proper chain of command to address your concerns; if you are not satisfied with the response or you are unable to resolve the problem or concern, call the Action Line at (931) 454-6000. You may also submit an Action Line ONLY after the member has attempted to make resolution through the appropriate chain through the AEDC Intranet home page.

STEM Education

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