704th Test Group

The 704th Test Group (704 TG) (formerly the 96th Test Group (96 TG)) at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, is a unit of the Arnold Engineering Development Complex, (AEDC) headquartered at Arnold AFB, Tenn., which is part of the Air Force Test Center, headquartered at Edwards AFB, Calif. 
The Test Group's mission is to operate world-class test facilities for high-speed sled track testing, navigation and guidance system testing, radar signature measurements, weapon systems flight testing, and Air Force Liaison for all AF programs tested at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).
The following categories of tests are conducted by the group:

586th Flight Test Squadron
• Joint Overland Advanced Avionics
• Weapon Development
• Flight Test & Photo/Safety Chase
• 4 modified T-38Cs
   • GPS TSPI capability
   • Multi-store carriage
   • Joint target support
   • Cruise missile simulator
• 2 C-12J Testbeds
   •Multi-store carriage

Detachment 1 - Liaison for all Air Force testing at White Sands Missile Range

704th Test Support Squadron - Support 704 TG test missions
• Budget/Finance
• Plans/Programs
• Facilities/Environmental
• Information Systems
• Logistics
• Vehicle Fleet Management

746th Test Squadron 
Central Inertial & GPS Test Facility (CIGTF)
   • Test and evaluate navigation solutions for DOD GPS/Inertial systems
• GPS Test Excellence
   • Space, Control and User Equipment Testing
   • Integration on aircraft, weapons and other systems 
   • Navigation warfare
   • Support GPS operations, Operational Testing, Exercises
• 704TG instrumentation solutions
• Ultra High Accuracy Reference System (UHARS)

846th Test Squadron - Rocket Sled Tests (more information) to include:
• High Speed Tests
• Ejection Seat Tests
• Supersonic Track Tests
• Hypersonic Tests

Det 1, 704th TG - National RCS Test Facility (NRTF)
• Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurement
   • Full-scale and sub-scale models
   • Pylon or column support
• Antennae pattern measurement
• 60 MHz to 35 GHz

OL-A - White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

• Focus on directed energy

   • Accelerate the transfer of critical technology from lab to fleet

   • Establish/promote commonly accepted test methodologies


OL-AC - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

Deliver world-class aircraft vulnerability reduction and landing gear safety & sustainment capabilities to the war fighter

   • Aerospace Vehicle Survivability Facility (AVSF)

      • Focus on providing RDT&E for aircraft vulnerability reduction/survivability and Live Fire (T&E) (LFT&E) support

   • Landing Gear Test Facility (LGTF)

      • Focus on providing RDT&E for aircraft safety and sustainment through world-class full-scale test and evaluation of aircraft launch & alighting hardware (struts, wheels, brakes, tires, anti-skid) 


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