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  • HAF/ODI sends AEDC women Officer Women Leadership Symposium

    The Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS) provides an opportunity for military women to network with like-minded colleagues to attain professional and personal growth through keynote messages, panel discussions and workshops. This year’s “Leadership for a Lifetime” themed 2020 OWLS event was held virtually Nov. 5 and 6. It was hosted in
  • Having the right balance, achieving mission excellence

    Coming to AEDC a year ago was definitely a challenge in keeping the right work-life balance. Serving for over 30 years for the Air Force at different locations and obtaining the right experience to support the mission was one of the main reasons I enjoyed my job, but I lacked quality time with my family. The move to AEDC was to ensure the right
  • AFTC/PZ Arnold provides contracting expertise for the AEDC mission

    If you walk the third floor A Wing of Building 100 (or many other areas of Bldg. 100) today, you may wonder where the people are. All the closed doors and silence in the hallways can be a little eerie, especially in this COVID environment. Rest assured that the critical mission of AFTC/PZ Arnold Contracting as mission-focused business leaders is
  • What a year we have had at AEDC

    In October 2019, AEDC held the 2020 Strategic Planning Offsite with dozens of senior leaders to deliberately identify actions to become the “AEDC We Need” and transform AEDC to support the National Defense Strategy. The plan the leader’s developed would support the strategic priorities of: 1) Pursue mission excellence, 2) Invest in our people, and
  • Inspector General - Breaking free of the inspection status quo

    Many will recall the Inspector General (IG) inspections of the past. You know, the ones where the inspector breezed in with the standard clipboard, which was inevitably their “primary weapon of choice.” Without provocation, these inspectors could recite regulations that most had never heard of, let alone followed. They did this with as much ease
  • Striving to be “Second to None” during a pandemic

    When Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) set the goal to be “Second to None” in October of last year, no one would have ever guessed that the following year that goal would face unprecedented challenges.Going into 2020, the plan was to realign our organizations to more of a wing-like structure, focus on our priorities, and gain clarity in
  • McKinley Climatic Laboratory home to world’s largest climatic chamber

    The McKinley Climatic Laboratory (MCL) has been conducting climatic testing for the Department of Defense (DOD) for more than 73 years.  It actually predates the Air Force and was a part of the Army Air Corps when it first opened. However, we only became part of AEDC less than four years ago. So for those who are not familiar with this facility and
  • Safety Office enables Team AEDC to meet mission

    “Hi, I’m from Safety and I’m here to help!”OK, what did you think when you read that statement? What most people have thought in the past is something along the lines of, “Oh brother…” Today’s AEDC Safety Office wants you to file all that away and take a fresh look at an organization that exists to enable you and your team to deliver your best
  • “Where there is no vision, the people perish...” – Solomon the Wise ca. 970 B.C.

    In January 2019, then-United States Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis, published the National Defense Strategy (or NDS). This document signaled arguably the greatest pivot in military strategic posture since 2002. The NDS redirected the focus from the anti-terroristic model of the past 17 years towards large scale (or near peer) competition with
  • Multi-Functional Team vital to AEDC fulfilling mission

    It’s no secret, and will not surprise any AEDC employee, past or present, that the majority of AEDC’s workforce are contractors, approximately 75 percent contractors in fact. The mission of AEDC cannot happen without our contractor workforce. As a result, expert contract management is critical for AEDC. The teams of government personnel responsible