The Arnold Engineering Development Complex operates more than 68 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges, sled tracks, centrifuges and other specialized units.  Read the full fact sheet here.

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    The 12V Chamber is a 12-foot-diameter by 35-foot-high thermal vacuum test facility with solar simulation capability. The facility contains a full liquid nitrogen thermal shroud and has an optional gaseous helium inner liner that can be cooled down to 10 degrees Kelvin. The solar simulator is an

  • 2023 Economic Impact

    The economic impact of Arnold Air Force Base across the state of Tennessee was $1.06 billion for the 2023 fiscal year. Arnold AFB impacted the local areas through payroll, secondary jobs created through local spending, and other expenditures for supplies, utilities, fuel and services and the

  • 586th Flight Test Squadron

    The 586th Flight Test Squadron's mission is to conduct and enable agile weapons, avionics and survivability testing for the joint warfighter. Flight test services are provided for Department of Defense and commercial customers across the full spectrum of program size and complexity. The squadron's

  • 704th Test Group, Detachment 1

    The NRTF is the premier DoD outdoor facility for Radar Cross Section (RCS) testing. It specializes in narrowband and wideband RCS signature characterization of scaled, full-scale and flyable articles. Additionally, it provides characterization data for antenna radiation patterns and antenna

  • 746th Test Squadron

     MissionProvide superior test and evaluation of DoD guidance, navigation and NAVWAR systems in support of the warfighter.Unique Capabilities- Utilizes fully instrumented aircraft including the T-38C, C-12D, C-12J and UH-1- Provides various low, medium and high dynamic operating environments for


    The 7V Space Chamber is a state-of-the-art deep space environment simulation test facility designed to test high performance interceptors and surveillance sensors at the conditions of deep space (20 K background). A spectral coverage can be provided over the visible to the LWIR spectral range and a

  • 846th Test Squadron

    The 846th Test Squadron operates the Holloman High Speed Test Track (HHSTT) which simulates selected portions of the flight environment under accurately programmed and instrumented conditions.


    HISTORY The Advanced Missile Signature Center (AMSC), formed from the Arnold Engineering Development Center's Plume Data Center. In 1989, it became one of three Strategic Defense Initiative Organization phenomenology data centers. It continues today as a customer site within the Missile Defense

  • AEDC Fellows

    2011Dr. Ronald L. Clouse2011 AEDC FellowDr. Clouse was team leader for development of mathematical models and computer simulations for all of the Aeropropulsion Systems Test Facility (ASTF) and a foreign technology engineering intelligence analyst. He retired in 1997 only to return a few months

  • AEDC Project Pioneers

    BOB ANSLEYPROJECT PIONEERWhat would happen if we could look into the future? If Bob Ansley had told his grade-school classmates that someday he would have a hand in helping a man named Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon's surface and return safely to Earth, they probably would have laughed him off

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