Unique Capabilities

Variable inertia dynamometers - Tire, wheel and brake testing.

Fixed inertia dynamometers - Tire wear, qualification and friction measurement on replicated runway surfaces.

Tire Force - Mechanical properties.

Compression and tension load applicators - Force vs Deflection.

4 Drop Towers - Impact Testing.

Burst Pit - Strength Testing.

Dynamic Load Simulator

Fatigue Test Machine

Runway Condition Reading (RCR) Measurement

Runway Surface Replication and Friction Measurement


Simulates real-world operating conditions:

- Aircraft tires.
- Aircraft wheels.
- Aircraft brakes.
- Entire landing gears.

The Landing Gear Test Facility (LGTF) is operated by the 704th Test Group (704 TG/OL-AC) at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton OH. The Aerospace Survivability and Safety Operating Location is part of the 704th Test Group at Holloman AFB, N.M. The LGTF is the United States Air Force responsible test organization for landing gear testing and has served the Department of Defense, NASA and other government agencies and commercial entities for more than 40 years. This facility is known for producing reliable and impartial test results that can be counted on for accuracy. The mission of the LFTF is to provide landing gear component testing services to customer-supplied specifications. The facility has equipment to simulate real-world operating conditions for aircraft tires, wheels, brakes and entire integrated landing gear assemblies, so that you, the customer, get real-world answers. We are dedicated to producing meaningful testing results.

Test Applications


- Dynamic and Static Testing.
- Tread Wear Testing.
- Footprint Pressure and Slip Testing.
- Physical Properties Testing.
- Non-Destructive Testing.
- Hydrostatic Burst Testing.

Wheels and Brakes

- Brake Dynamic and Static Torque.
- Brake Qualification and Wear Testing.
- Rejected Take-off.
- Wheel Roll.
- Wheel Combined and Static Load Testing.
- Hydrostatic Burst Testing.

Landing Gear

- Landing Impact (Drop) Tests.
- Load Stroke Tests.
- Durability, Fatigue, Stability and Stiffness.
- Shimmy, Shock and Vibration Tests.
- Service Life Testing.

Test Assets

Variable Inertia Dynamometers - Tire/Wheel/Brake Testing.
192 in. - speeds to 200 MPH, tires to 140 inches, loads to 300,000lbs.
84in. - speeds to 250 MPH, tires to 64 inches, loads to 40,000 lbs.

Fixed Inertia Dynamometers - Tire Wear/Qualification.
168 in. (Internal Drum) - speeds to 350 MPH - Thermal soak (+250ºF to -80ºF).
120 in. - speeds to 350 MPH, tires to 72 inches, loads to 150,000 lbs.

Tire Force - Mechanical Properties - Resolve all 6 components of the reaction forces as the tire rolls. Sensor array measures pressures and slip at the tire footprint.

Compression/Tension Load Applicators - Force vs. Deflection.
3,000,000 lbs. compression, 1,000,000 lbs. tension, 60 inch stroke.
200,000 lbs. compression, 200,000 lbs. tension, 12 in. stroke.

4 Drop Towers - Impact Testing
150,000 lbs. load and 25 foot travel.
35,000 lbs. load and 25 foot travel.
10,300 lbs. load and 20 foot travel.
3,600 lbs. load and 15 foot travel.

Burst Pit - Strength Testing
Vibration:25 in. double aplitude to 0.4 Hz, 30 in. /second velocity to 3 Hz, 2G acceleration to 50 Hz.
Shock to 100,000 lbs. deadweight. 120,000 lbs. impulse load.

Fatigue Test Machine

Test Support

Test Engineering - Requirements definition, test planning and test methods, scheduling, oversight, analysis and reporting.

Instrumentation - Customized measurements of strain, load, pressure, temperature and displacement. High speed video.

Design - Tooling and fixture design tailored to exacting specification of each test plan.

Fabrication - In-house machine shop and established vendor team for quick turnaround test preparation.

Data Reduction and Reporting - We offer complete data reduction and processing services tailored to customer needs.

Point of Contact

704 TG/OL-AC
DSN: 785-9193/2663/9217
FAX: 937-656-5370