Holloman High Speed Test Track Maglev project

The Holloman High Speed Test Track Maglev project is a long-term program to provide a new test capability for the DoD and the nation. The goal is to provide a low vibration environment for payloads on rocket-propelled sleds for speeds from subsonic to Mach 10. There are four demonstrative flight tests that will verify the Maglev project's sled levitation capability with superconducting magnets.

Flight Test 3 occurred on 5 April 2005 and demonstrated the current capability of sled levitation on the Maglev Sled Track. This demonstration used three HVAR (High Velocity Aircraft Rocket) motors for propulsion whereas Tests 1 and 2 used one and two HVAR motors, respectively. Test 3 accelerated the Maglev sled to 245 mph, 136 mph faster than Test 2 conducted in May 2004. Test 3 was conducted on a 350-meter guideway while Tests 1 and 2 were conducted on a 60-meter guideway. Test 3 also included the addition of laser sensors to detect vertical and lateral sled positions.

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