586th Flight Test Squadron

The 586th Flight Test Squadron's mission is to conduct and enable agile weapons, avionics and survivability testing for the joint warfighter. Flight test services are provided for Department of Defense and commercial customers across the full spectrum of program size and complexity. The squadron's low cost per flight test hour enables technology development programs to move beyond the laboratory environment, while working within a small test budget. On the other end of the spectrum, the squadron offers larger and more complex programs and specific flight test solutions required for a major acquisition program. Agility is maintained due to the small size of the organization, resident review and approval, authorities for safety, airworthiness and the rapid ability to accommodate evolving requirements.


Flying Test Beds / Avionics Development: C-12F, C-12J and four T-38C.

Target Surrogates: Instrumented T-38C or C-12, Instrumented Towed Targets.

Stores Carriage / Employment: Compatibility Flight Profiles, Airborne Lasing.

Electronic Attack: Advanced Jamming Pods, Countermeasure Dispensing (Chaff/Flare).

Electro-Optical / Infrared (EO/IR): Targeting Pod Test and Sensor Development.

Photo / Safety Chase: High Resolution In-flight Photo and Video, Safety Chase (low or high speed).

Deployed Test Host: Logistics, Ammo / Weapons, Equipment, Ramp, Hangars, Office Facilities, COMSEC, Security, Airfield Liaison.

Test Control: Air to Ground Telemetry, Command and Control, Radio Communication, Range Video and Airborne Tracking.

Airspace / Range: Detachment 1 of the 586th Flight Test Squadron provides range and asset coordination and scheduling for flight test on White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).

Aircraft Information:

Characteristic T-38C C-12J
Airspeed / Mach 160-600 KCAS / 1.3M 110-250 KCAS
Altitude 45,000 feet 25,000 feet
Duration 1.0 - 1.5 hours 4 - 6 hours
Nz Load Factor 7g 3g

Time Space Position Information (TSPI),
L/C/Ku/Ka/S Band, Rear Cockpit Modular
Pallet, Mode 4/5, Ethernet

TSPI, L/C/Ku/Ka/S Band, Targeting Pods,
Link-16, ADS-B, Ethernet, Modular
Customizable Racks

Carriage / Employment
MAU-12 Centerline Pylon
1,000lb capacity
Dual MA-4 Pylons
2 Store Configuration: 500lb capacity each
1 Store Configuration: 750lb capacity


Contact Us:

ProgramManagement 575-572-1382 DSN 572-1382
Chief Engineer 575-572-1203 DSN 572-1203
Chief Pilot 575-572-1201 DSN 572-1201
Det. 1 / WSMR 575-678-1251
DSN 258-1251
Commander 575-572-1210 DSN 572-1210


As the Department of Defense's only tri-service range, a service sponsor is required for each program conducting tests at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). The 586th Flight Test Squadron, Detachment 1, acting on behalf of the 704th TG/CC, is the sponsoring organization for all USAF programs testing on WSMR. Detachment 1 is the primary interface between the customer and WSMR. Det. 1 coordinates and schedules range support, target coordination, instrumentation, range and control room access, data services and all logistics requirements to ensure test teams can successfully conduct missions at WSMR. For additional information on capabilities or the WSMR test planning process, please contact 586th FLTS, Det. 1.

Contact Us:

Commander 575-678-1251 DSN 258-1251
Director of Operations 575-678-1253 DSN 258-1253
Chief Engineer 575-678-3940 DSN 258-1251