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  • Composting lives at AEDC

    As you move about AEDC, you may have spotted a number of black bins about the size of a large trash can scattered throughout the Complex and wondered what they were being used for.The bins are being used by a small army of dedicated recyclers for the composting of personal food scraps and paper towels.Composting at AEDC was the brainchild of Annie
  • Independence Day is a day of gratitude

    The Fourth of July is a day of celebration. Whether with parades, fireworks, backyard barbecues or enjoying a baseball game, we Americans will soon celebrate our nation's birthday.Our founding fathers' vision of a free nation was commemorated in 1776 in the Declaration of Independence. They believed all people have certain undeniable rights - the
  • Ensure your voice is heard, exercise your right to vote

    The United States is in the midst of a busy voting year. Armed Forces Voting Week, June 27 - July 5, is an opportunity to encourage and enable the people of the U.S. ArmedForces to exercise that vote.The week is devoted to ensuring that military personnel and their family members know they can vote even if they live outside their place of
  • AEDC amateur radio members present STEM award to Tullahoma Civil Air Patrol

    AEDC amateur radio members attended the Hamvention® in Dayton, Ohio, May 20 where we received an Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) handbook to present to the local Tullahoma Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron.AEDC retirees Tom Baskin and Jack Hennon and I attended the event.The Dayton Hamvention is a yearly convention that host over 25,000 amateur
  • Memorial Day a time to honor the fallen

    For many of us, Memorial Day kicks off the summer season.  Families will gather for cookouts, go boating or swim at the pool. While you enjoy these activities, please be mindful of your safety. But as we spend time with friends and family, let us be reminded of the most important meaning of this day.Established in 1868, Memorial Day was a day set
  • AEDC team to again participate in Relay for Life

    Preparations are underway for the Coffee County Relay For Life being held April 29, 2016, at the small track located at the Coffee County Fairgrounds in Manchester.  AEDC employees are encouraged to participate in Relay For Life, which is actually not a race, but an event to raise money and awareness for cancer research.Relay For Life starts at 6
  • The history behind German wind tunnels at AEDC

    The story of the German wind tunnels at AEDC begins in July 1944 somewhere in the air over Germany. That is when our Air Force bomber pilots first encountered high speed German aircraft flying without the aid of propellers. These jet aircraft were faster than anything in the skies and they tore apart many an allied bomber formation in the summer of
  • Choosing to live

    I have worked for the federal government for 13 years. In each and every one of those years, I have been through suicide awareness and prevention training. I have completed the Resiliency Training Assistant course, and I have even taught resiliency at Wingman Days. I know the toolsets to help and have a set of personal coping skills. However, there
  • Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor

    Veterans have made a selfless choice to lay their lives on the line to serve and protect our country. In many cases, they have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure we continue to have our rights and freedoms.Veterans Day is a time we set aside to honor these special Americans.Originally known as Armistice Day since 1919, President Dwight D.
  • Donations increase during 2015 Feds Feed Families campaign at AEDC

    The Feds Feed Families Campaign is an Air Force wide program that personnel at Arnold Air Force Base have participated in for the past four years.This year 633 pounds of non-perishable food, personal hygiene and baby items were collected and donated to three local Good Samaritan sites.The program provides an opportunity for everyone at Arnold to