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AF Clubs to transition from credit card system to virtual portal and app coming August-September 2017

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. -- The Air Force is revolutionizing its club membership program in the coming months, transitioning away from a club credit card.

Requiring a credit card membership was members’ number one complaint. Because our members are important, it was time for a change.

A new Air Force Club Member Portal is currently being tested at six pilot bases before being rolled out across the Air Force in late summer. The web- and app-based system allows members to choose their payment methods and receive real-time event information directly on their smart devices.

Currently, member dues are charged to a Chase Bank-affiliated club membership credit card. With the new system, members can use their credit or debit card of choice or even electronic bank drafts. The new system also standardizes payment dates for membership dues. At present, members are charged dues at different times during the month but with the new system all members will be charged on the 15th of each month.

In addition to more freedom with dues payment methods, members will be better informed about club programs and events in real time through the web portal and an application on their smart devices.

Air Force Services Activity partnered with MemberPlanet to host the new Air Force Club Member Portal. Current member information will automatically be loaded on the club portal so members simply log in and update payment information. The free MemberPlanet app is available in the App Store or Google Play.

Current members should be receiving something in the mail from Chase Bank over the next few months explaining the end of the Chase Air Force partnership along with information on maintaining an account with them, should you choose. All existing membership cards issued by Chase will be replaced with their new card minus any Air Force affiliation or membership ties.

Since members won’t have physical cards to prove membership, they’ll now show their digital membership card through the MemberPlant App on their smart devices. Those who wish to still carry a physical card have the option to print at home and laminate.

A local change for Arnold will be a new monthly dues structure to go into effect very soon. Currently, dues are $8 for enlisted and enlisted equivalent civilians (pre AcqDemo was GS8 and below) and $15 for officers, officer equivalent civilians (pre AcqDemo was GS9 and above), contractors and others eligible.

The new dues structure will have three groupings: $6 for enlisted grades E1 through E4; $8 for enlisted grades E5 through E9, officers second lieutenant through captain, and civilians categories NH II, NK II, NJ II, and NF III and below; $15 for officers major and above, civilians categories NH III, NK III, NJ III, and NF IV and above, contractors, and any other eligible categories such as Arnold Community Council members. For many current members, this will mean a decrease in monthly dues – an additional bonus.

Although transitioning from Chase Bank is a major change in the membership program, several important things remain the same. Club membership will still be valid at all Air Force Clubs, not just at Arnold. And, any members who deploy will have their dues waived during their deployment. Simply talk to the club manager to initiate this pause on your account.

Here at Arnold, members continue to receive discounts on various purchases throughout Services such as 10 percent off most purchases at the Arnold Golf Course, Mulligan’s Grill, Café 100, Arnold Lakeside Center personal catered food, and Outdoor Rec equipment and boat rentals. Arnold Lakeside Center also offers member discounts on lunch and dinner purchases plus free social snacks on Fridays, free quarterly membership nights, member drawings on Fridays and more. Look for the Members First brochure in any Services activity for complete details.

Air Force Club membership is a tradition. Clubs provide resiliency to our workforce and their families. This new approach to membership will make it easier to stay connected with our Air Force tradition and build on the culture and esprit de corps.

More details will be coming soon. Don’t worry if you don’t have a smart phone or computer access, there will be assistance available from the Club.

Editorial note: Some content compiled from an article written by Debbie Aragon, Air Force Civil Engineer Center.