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2018 Safety Focus Campaign announced

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. -- The topics for the NAS 2018 Safety Focus Campaign have been announced.

This campaign is a follow-up to the successful 2017 Safety Condition Campaign. During the 2017 campaign, employees identified over 800 unsafe or non-compliant conditions at various AEDC locations and, at this time, have permanently addressed over 500 of the identified issues. The remaining items have temporary mitigations in place. Work continues to permanently address the remaining items.

In 2018, NAS will continue to focus on reviews of selected topics, implement new or improved processes, and assess workplace conditions. The format of the 2018 effort will be similar to that employed during 2017 in that each month there will be a specific topic, employees will participate, information/expectation sheets will be distributed, and identified issues will be tracked to completion. This program will be entered into and tracked in the Safety Management Plan Action Status.

The January topic is the development and implementation of a more engaging and germane Tool Box format.

“The tool box topics are chosen to be addressed at tool box meetings,” said AEDC Safety, Health & Environmental Manager Dick Nugent. “The new focus in January is to begin a new format of tool box topics for meetings. We are adding a few discussion points that are centered on hazards that may be present that day, mitigating controls, and lessons learned from the prior day. The intent is for the meeting leader to engage the attendees in dialogue.

“Our 2017 campaign was successful in that we identified and addressed a significant number of unsafe or non-compliant conditions. In 2018, building on that success, our intent is to address processes, such as the tool box in January, and make improvements.”

The remaining 2018 Safety Focus Campaign topics are:

• Arc Flash and Electrical Hot Work

• Lockout/Tagout annual assessment. Focus on use of locks and tags, along with a confirmation of employee understanding of the process.

• Review of the Engineering Design Process and Safety Systems

• Confined Space annual assessment. Focus on identification of confined spaces and required signage.

• Walking and Working Surfaces, criteria to be defined

• JSA Review, complete review of JSAs for all work

• Fall Protection

• Hazardous Materials, focus on Safety Data Sheets

• Walking and working surfaces, focus on lighting and winter conditions

• Hand Safety