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Team AEDC Frontlines: Rick Hoots

Rick Hoots (U.S. Air Force graphic)

Rick Hoots (U.S. Air Force graphic)


Editor’s note: The Team AEDC Frontlines series is a recurring feature that puts the spotlight on some of the members of Team AEDC on the “frontlines” supporting our mission, people and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

Rick Hoots is the Arnold Engineering Development Complex Operations Center Manager and is the AEDC Crisis Action Team Liaison.

Hoots, who arrived at Arnold Air Force Base more than 14 years ago, keeps the AEDC commander and the director of the CAT, which is currently focusing on addressing issues on base arising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, apprised on the current situation and up to speed on all taskings.

Among his numerous responsibilities, Hoots performs initial and subsequent situational briefings as needed in concert with the Emergency Operations Center and CAT directors, forms and trains the CAT Support Team and supervises its operations, schedules and organizes briefers who will present information to the CAT, participates in the CAT’s review of appropriate scenario-driven checklists, prepares reports for review and releases them to higher headquarters and other appropriate agencies when approved, and manages the timely communication of information between the CAT and AEDC organizations including contractors and tenant units, as applicable.

“I feel that the CAT is an important entity when it comes to keeping the populace of the installation safe and well-informed, as well as to complete the mission. I think that our current leadership understands that and is doing all they can to keep everyone safe and healthy and not going too far as to destroy the mission for the installation. It’s good to be a part of a team that puts the rest of the Wing first and not just their own interest regardless of their status. Whether it is a test engineer, a division chief or a janitor, they are all an important piece of our mission, and that is regularly acknowledged by our leadership. It makes me proud to be a part of a team that conducts business in that manner.”

Rick, thank you for all you do for Team AEDC!