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Team AEDC Frontlines: Ken Young

Ken Young (U.S. Air Force graphic)

Ken Young (U.S. Air Force graphic)


Editor’s note: The Team AEDC Frontlines series is a recurring feature that puts the spotlight on some of the members of Team AEDC on the “frontlines” supporting our mission, people and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ken Young is a paramedic/firefighter with Arnold Air Force Base Fire and Emergency Services. His regular duties include responding to fire, medical and injury emergencies.  

Young is among the members of Team AEDC who have continued to work on base throughout the Operationally Urgent posture and the Return to Full Capacity Phase 1 and 2 put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been with Arnold FES for one year but brought with him 27 years of experience in fire service and 24 years of paramedic experience.  

Young said his primary duties have remained the same during the pandemic.

“This is ‘our normal’ because we are ready anytime to handle and manage any situation from vehicle accidents to heart attacks to illnesses. So your worst day, the average person is having, we handle it and get you through it. My experience through this is, ‘Just another day at the office.’”

Ken, thank you for all you do for Team AEDC!