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Team AEDC Frontlines: Justin Wilson

Lt. Justin Wilson (U.S. Air Force graphic) (This image was altered by obscuring a badge for security purposes)

Lt. Justin Wilson (U.S. Air Force graphic) (This image was altered by obscuring a badge for security purposes)


Editor’s note: The Team AEDC Frontlines series is a recurring feature that puts the spotlight on some of the members of Team AEDC on the “frontlines” supporting our mission, people and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

Justin Wilson is a lieutenant with the security officer force at Arnold Air Force Base. Wilson, who has been at Arnold for a little more than three years, serves as shift supervisor for the security officers.

Prior to joining the Arnold Protective Forces team, Wilson was a munitions specialist in the U.S. Air Force. His typical responsibilities include ensuring that there is continuity throughout the force, that security personnel are meeting requirements from the Air Force, and that members of the security officer force both on post and on patrols are “armed up” and equipped to perform their daily duties.  

Wilson’s responsibilities extend to security personnel both within the mission area and areas of Arnold AFB outside of it, such as Arnold Village.

Wilson is among the members of Team AEDC who have continued to work on base throughout the Operationally Urgent posture and the phased Return to Full Capacity now in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the Operationally Urgent posture took effect in early April, he and other members of the security officer force have screened those seeking entry into Arnold in order to better protect the workforce from possible community transmission of COVID-19. Steps have also been taken to protect the health of the security officers, such as the wearing of masks and changes in how commercial deliveries are processed.

“I wish everybody health and safety through all of this,” Wilson said. ”It’s been a very life-changing experience for everybody. It’s important we have security here to make sure we keep AEDC safe and secure, keep our mission going as much as we can without any incidents, and to keep people from feeling like they’re coming into an unsafe work area.”

Justin, thank you for all you do for Team AEDC!