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AEDC Innovation Spark Tank 2024 submission period begins Oct. 1

  • Published
  • AEDC Innovation Office

Building off the success of this year’s Arnold Engineering Development Complex Spark Tank program, which produced a top-three idea currently being reviewed by the commander of Air Force Materiel Command, AEDC are being asked to submit their innovative ideas.

Ideas for the 2024 Spark Tank may be submitted beginning Oct. 1.

“The Spark Tank program will allow AEDC employees to showcase their ideas for how to improve AEDC processes, products or test capabilities,” said Aaron Allen, AEDC Innovation lead.

All AEDC team members, including military, civilians and contractors across all geographically separated units, who have suggestions for improving or simplifying day-to-day operations or know of a possible cost-savings are invited to share these ideas. Doing so could lead to funding of the innovation and recognition by senior Air Force commanders for the contribution to improving the Air Force and Space Force missions.

“No idea is too big or too small,” Dr. Justin Garrard, project manager for the Innovation Grant project with the AEDC Test Operations and Sustainment Contractor, said previously. “The Innovation Spark Tank is meant to allow AEDC employees the opportunity to present their ideas on how to improve current AEDC processes, products or test capabilities. We had several great projects submitted during our last call for ideas, and we hope even more AEDC team members will submit this next go-round.”

Submissions will be accepted through Jan. 12, 2024. The ideas will then be reviewed by a board. A Spark Tank forum will follow. This is anticipated to occur in early February. Those selected to present to the Spark Tank panel will receive an email to schedule their Spark Tank briefing. Team leads will be asked to pitch their submission to board members, and feedback will be provided on all submissions presented.

“We are looking for process improvements, new technologies and innovative thinking,” said Michael Glennon, senior engineer of technical management in AEDC Plans and Programs office. “Anything which improves safety, quality of life and the advancement of ground base testing will be considered in the Spark Tank initiative.”

Submissions which show promise may be eligible for additional phases of Spark Tank funding if continued development is required.

“AEDC has historically invested in innovative concepts, and we are excited to keep that initiative moving forward,” Glennon said.

The expected funding period of the innovation projects chosen as part of the AEDC Spark Tank is March 1 to Aug. 31, 2024.

Submission templates may be found on the AEDC SharePoint under AEDC Science and Engineering Information.

Final Spark Tank submissions should be placed in the “AEDC Science and Engineering Information, AEDC Innovations, 2024 AEDC Spark Tank Submissions” folder on the AEDC SharePoint site prior to the January deadline.

Those with questions or wishing to receive additional information on the AEDC Spark Tank may contact Garrard, Allen or Glennon or call 931-454-4794.