Arnold Air Force Base welcomes the return of Intramural Sports

  • Published
  • By Kali Bradford
  • AEDC Public Affairs

Intramural sports have returned to Arnold Air Force base in the form of flag football.

The reemergence of the sport comes after a 12-year hiatus of intramural sports on base. Six months ago, a small group began the process of reviving sports on base. Arnold AFB Fitness Center Director Joe Watters was among those individuals.

“We’ve had some interest in intramural sports over the years, with flag football gaining the largest amount of interest,” he explained. “Over the course of the last six months, we’ve been working to drum up interest and have held several meetings. I like to give credit to Scott Glennon who really helped to drum up some interest base-wide. He put out feelers and really assisted with getting the ball rolling.”

Glennon, an Arnold AFB electrical engineer, stated helping to bring back the sport was about “reviving a sense of community.”

"Helping to reignite intramural sports by assisting FSS [Facility Support Services] in setting up the first flag football team in over a decade is more than a recreational endeavor,” explained Glennon. “It's a nod to the past, a tribute to the community's stories and shared activities that are fondly spoken of by our elder workforce here on base. As a retired Junior Force Council officer, I wanted to contribute to reviving that sense of community, well-being and appreciation, especially toward our active-duty military but also to the civilian and contractor workforce, creating connections and camaraderie that go beyond organizational boundaries."

Over 70 Arnold AFB team members participated in a five-team league over a 10-week season that took place during October and November. All games and practices took place at the track located next to the Administration & Engineering Building on base.

Watters said he was happy with the overall interest.

 “Currently, in this league we have five teams which is pretty good numbers considering it’s from the base population,” he said. “The return of intramural sports has been an exciting time so far. It feels good to have it back.  From the people who showed interest to those who showed up and wound up on the rosters to those who have been out playing the game, it’s just a welcomed breath of fresh air that has not been on base in a very long time.”

Watters added that plans are being made to build off the successful reemergence of intramural sports.

“I would like to move forward as we have the interest and the base population to support it,” he said. “The hope and the dream is to get contracted officials. Everyone we have officiating is on a volunteer basis. We would, of course, like to see more teams for next season. The possibility is always there when you have the interest. We are just glad we’ve been able to bring some life back in intramural sports.”