'S' a symbol for safety

  • Published
  • By Seth Dean, Contributing Writer
With the Friday release of the new Superman movie titled "Man of Steel," the mythos of superheroes was reexamined. We marvel (pun intended) at their super strength, ability to fly, and other special powers they possess as they bravely save the day. However, a more dangerous, yet less explicit trait common to all superheroes is a willingness to rashly put oneself in harm's way.

While many of our risks lack the obvious dangers posed by the super villains depicted in these films (Yes, there's a reason Lex Luthor does not properly label Kryptonite with a MSDS for Superman's safety), the consequences for not taking the necessary precautions can be just the same.

A vast majority of us at AEDC are willing to do anything to support the mission, accomplish our goals, and connect with others - a Superman mentality. We, too, want to be heroes. This feeling is especially prevalent when everyone is trying their best to save money on a limited budget. Usually, this means doing more with less and doing it quicker.

However, simple things like not taking time to stretch after a marathon typing session on the computer; not taking time to put on PPE; and not taking time for water breaks while spending prolonged periods out in the heat can snowball into greater problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, injury, heat stroke, or death. As with all superheroes, that one lapse, one yawn, one misstep . . . one second of not paying attention or being at our best can be all it takes to put ourselves, our team, and our equipment in harm's way. No amount of capital or time can ever balance that out.

We all need to know our limits and stay alert while remaining very active in our work. Although these heroes have a scripted privilege of being "Super", those of us in the real world would be better served to make that big "S" a symbol for "Safety".