Team AEDC ... Always reaching out to others

  • Published
  • By Col. Michael Panarisi
Nothing makes a commander prouder than to see his team go "above and beyond," and while this is a long-time AEDC trademark, I'd like to showcase just how much your efforts mean to our center and our community.

During the recent floods in Nashville, I offered our military and DoD civilians the chance to assist in the recovery efforts.

I declared the relief sites an "alternate duty location" allowing our members to work off base without losing leave in the process.

The response was overwhelming.

More than 60 took the challenge, and I've been bombarded with "thank you" messages from across the spectrum of organizations that put our teammates to work.

Our ATA partners pitched in as well, using vacation time to lend a hand. It's so heartwarming to know that Team AEDC will always rise to the call.

We repeatedly take care of each other as well.

You might recall a while back, our PMEL shop team literally saved their colleague's life with CPR. I followed that event with a plea for the entire work force to take advantage of the Red Cross CPR training courses on base.

I was thrilled at how many took this on, (have you?) and once again those skills saved the our NFAC GSU, a technician started choking.

His colleagues jumped to his aid, performed the "Heimlich" and the stuck food shot out. Another extraordinary act of kindness, nerves of steel, and proof that great things happen when preparation meets opportunity.

The highlight of the week?

No, it wasn't one of our fantastic tests or a ribbon cutting on a new capability. It was the sight of countless AEDC-ers volunteering at this year's annual Mach Tenn triathlon.

I can't count how many participants and families approached me during and after the event, thanking us for our support. A huge hit for the community, the USAF and AEDC.

So many times I've mentioned just how proud I am of this organization. It seems I just can't say it enough ... every time I do, you find another way to show your pride, patriotism and efforts for a cause greater than yourself.

The USAF made it a "core value" ... "Service Before Self."

At AEDC, you knew it before it became a bumper sticker. It's been here all along. You prove it every day, in ways the USAF never imagined.

That's the real secret at AEDC. Our strength comes from within.

And that's a trait that will never go out of style. Just one more reason I'm still "Livin' the Dream" here at AEDC!