Safety Leadership Team promotes your safety

  • Published
  • By Doug Powell
  • AEDC Safety Leadership Team
In October of 2013, the ATA Mission Support Department management, safety representatives and the Safety Leadership Team joined forces as a more focused and equipped team to better work on safety issues.

The focus taken by the combined efforts makes our work environment safer and allows for us to better watch out for our coworkers so everyone can return safely to their loved-ones at the end of the day.

If anyone notices conditions that can be changed to make a safer work environment, they are encouraged to contact a member of the Safety Leadership Team for the condition to be reviewed by the team.

At each meeting, the Safety Leadership Team looks at safety metrics and the way safety success is being communicated as well as reviews the Safety Action Item List (To-do-list) and working these issues to closure.

As time has progressed so have the action items as more employees become aware of the team's existence and purpose. Employees and management alike are seeing a continuation of our trek "Beyond Zero" as safety observations are starting to be addressed.

The Safety Leadership Team was established in February of 2013 under the ATA Mission Support Department. The team started with 13 members and along with the team name, a slogan was agreed on. The slogan "MSMS" (Mission Support Means Safety) was accepted by all and is the slogan of the team today. The team put in place a Safety Action Item List to assist personnel in continuing to nurture a safe work environment.

ATA Mission Support Department Safety Leadership Team members are Tim Bagley, Caleb Barnett, Bubba Bateman, Bill Crawford, Perry Hoge, Michael Holland, Mitch Kendrick, Tommy Myers, Randy Nunley, Tom Payne, Doug Powell, Edd Walker, and Jeff Youngblood.

Don't be surprised if a member of the team presents a scratch off card to you as a reward for observing your safe acts showing that "Mission Support Means Safety."