Online risk assessment offers ways to evaluate, improve health

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  • By Air Force Materiel Command
  • Wellness Support Center
How well do you know yourself? Poor health is not always obvious. Even people who appear healthy can be at risk for medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The AFMC Health Risk Assessment is a multi-faceted interactive tool offered online at

Below are some frequently asked questions about the HRA.

What is an HRA?
· The HRA is a health questionnaire that you complete on the website You answer questions about your health - such as diet, exercise, and stress - and then a wellness profile report is created just for you with ideas for ways to be healthier. The wellness profile is yours to print and keep.
· You should take your HRA once each fiscal year.

Why should I take an HRA?
· To have a better understanding of your personal health risks, such as high stress levels.
· To learn about lifestyle behavior change, like becoming more physically active.
· To track how your health changes over time, like comparing previous years to this year.
· To unlock special features of the AFMC wellness website, such as articles on health topics.
· A current HRA allows you to participate in AFMC wellness challenges, such as 'Freeze the Gain' or 'Spring Into Shape.'

How is my personal HRA information used?
· Your individual HRA information is not shared.
· Your HRA information is grouped with other civilians' HRA information, and the grouped data is used to:
 Guide program planning so AFMC knows which health topics to address.
 Help CHPS know which health education classes to offer to different units.
 Assess if Defense Department civilian health, as a group, is improving.
Is my HRA information protected?
· Your HRA data is protected under the Federal Privacy Act, as well as layers of strict access controls and security safeguards.
· A third-party company prepares the Personal Wellness Profile that you get after you take your HRA. The Headquarters AFMC Surgeon General only receives a report with aggregated group data which does not include individual names.

Complete your personal Health Risk Assessment at When you are done, print your HRA Wellness Profile certificate and bring it to your local Civilian Health Promotions Services office to claim your completion award.

For more information, contact your local CHPS team or visit