Composting lives at AEDC

  • Published
  • By Kraig Smith
  • AEDC Environmental, Safety and Health
As you move about AEDC, you may have spotted a number of black bins about the size of a large trash can scattered throughout the Complex and wondered what they were being used for.

The bins are being used by a small army of dedicated recyclers for the composting of personal food scraps and paper towels.

Composting at AEDC was the brainchild of Annie Clements, who applied for and received an Air Force grant in 2014 to kick start the program. An ardent home composter, Annie was a firm believer that even small personal efforts in conservation could add up to big things if enough people got involved.

Annie has taken a position in private industry and is no longer here at AEDC, but her influence resulted in the recruitment of a dedicated cadre of composting enthusiasts who have actively continued her legacy.

The beauty of the AEDC composting program is that it operates at zero cost to the government (aside from the initial grant funding), yet has a positive effect on waste disposal costs. Tons of waste that would otherwise be taken to a landfill can be diverted yearly from the waste stream extending the life of the landfill facility, reducing methane emissions and saving taxpayer dollars.

As an added benefit, program participants are harvesting the compost to take home and use on their own gardens.

For more information on how you can participate, call 454-4284.