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  • Beyond the speed of sound: digital engineering is enabling the future

    Arnold Engineering Development Complex, or AEDC, has had several senior leaders visit recently, such as Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr., commander, Air Force Material Command, and Maj. Gen. Evan Dertien, commander, Air Force Test Center, who have emphasized the value of digital engineering. Chief of Staff

  • HAF/ODI sends AEDC women Officer Women Leadership Symposium

    The Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS) provides an opportunity for military women to network with like-minded colleagues to attain professional and personal growth through keynote messages, panel discussions and workshops. This year’s “Leadership for a Lifetime” themed 2020 OWLS event was

  • What a year we have had at AEDC

    In October 2019, AEDC held the 2020 Strategic Planning Offsite with dozens of senior leaders to deliberately identify actions to become the “AEDC We Need” and transform AEDC to support the National Defense Strategy. The plan the leader’s developed would support the strategic priorities of: 1) Pursue

  • Inspector General - Breaking free of the inspection status quo

    Many will recall the Inspector General (IG) inspections of the past. You know, the ones where the inspector breezed in with the standard clipboard, which was inevitably their “primary weapon of choice.” Without provocation, these inspectors could recite regulations that most had never heard of, let

  • Striving to be “Second to None” during a pandemic

    When Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) set the goal to be “Second to None” in October of last year, no one would have ever guessed that the following year that goal would face unprecedented challenges.Going into 2020, the plan was to realign our organizations to more of a wing-like

  • Trial by Fire – Actionable data to power the Nation’s defense

    Nearly four decades ago, the Aeropropulsion Systems Test Facility (ASTF), the largest and most capable turbine engine test facility in the nation was dedicated. Faced with the Soviet Union’s growing threat of advanced military capability in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the nation turned to AEDC

  • Workforce Development – beyond Training and Education

    AEDC Commander Col. Jeffrey Geraghty’s AEDC Strategy 2020 established three priorities: Pursue Mission Excellence, Invest in our People, and Improve and Sustain the Complex. The staff of the Personnel Division take the words “Invest in our People” as a personal commitment.The human resource cycle

  • Program Management Office helping AEDC meet its mission

    One of the goals of the Department of Defense National Defense Strategy is to “Reform the Department for Greater Performance and Affordability.”  Part of this goal includes adapting organizational structures to best meet evolving mission needs, by consolidating, eliminating or restructuring as

  • AEDC Strategy 2020: A disciplined approach

    Upon arriving at Arnold Air Force Base last summer, I re­ceived the mission brief that most of you have seen.Until that point, I had no real understanding of what goes on within AEDC on a day-to-day basis. In retrospect, I didn’t get it that much better after the brief. It wasn’t until I was lucky