NFAC helicopter team awarded for testing efforts

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A checkout test team at Arnold Engineering Development Center's (AEDC) National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex in Moffet Field, Calif., was awarded the San Francisco Chapter of the American Helicopter Society 2008 award for Outstanding Contribution to the Powered-Lift Field Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL).

The award was in recognition of the multi-service and industry team who com¬pleted a five-month detailed check-out of the UH-60 rotor on the Large Rotor Test Apparatus (LRTA) in the NFAC wind tun¬nel. The test enabled the first forward flight rotor test in the facility since 2003.

As quoted on the award, "Your success represents a major milestone in the revital-ization of VTOL & powered-lift research capability in the United States."

According to Jeff Johnson, Jacobs Technology test director at NFAC, the UH-60 LRTA checkout test was the cul¬mination of a two-year refurbishment and reactivation effort of the facility by the Air Force and AEDC. The test was completed in January.
Johnson said a core team of approximately 16 members from Jacobs Technology, NASA and Army conducted the test, but a support team of more than 40 additional members made major contribu¬tions in the planning, development and installation phases.