Tullahoma resident Scott Hagler receives ATA award

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Tullahoma resident Scott Hagler, an Aerospace Testing Alliance (ATA) electrician for Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC), was recognized as a craft employee of the quarter.

Hagler was recognized for their work on the Aeropropulsion Systems Test Facility low voltage equipment replacement job by making sure all outages have had the proper equipment wired for temporary service during the outages.

In addition, they have been responsible, in part, for making sure all equipment has been properly checked out prior to returning it to service.

There have been approximately 650 breakers, 15 unit substations and 45-50 outages that have been successfully installed and accomplished with no equipment damage or personal injury and on schedule.

This has been accomplished during an approximate 18-month period.

Hagler has worked at AEDC for 21 years.