AEDC's Pressure Sensitive Paint Team receives Technical Achievement award

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  • By 070021
The Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) Team successfully acquired surface pressure data on a F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) test article instrumented with only 13 pressure taps and validated with a data from a JSF pressure model. The successful demonstration of PSP on a JSF force and moment model, with validation from the JSF pressure model data, will provide AEDC customers confidence in this new data acquisition technique.
Arnold Engineering Development Center has been a leader in the development of PSP, a test technique that can be used to supplement conventional pressure model testing by acquiring data in areas not possible to instrument with pressure taps.
The JSF PSP test is the first known demonstration of acquiring global surface pressure data on a force and moment model. The results from the test and comparisons have already impacted future test plan the customer is making for another test platform in the near future.
The use of PSP has the potential to save customer millions of dollars in the design cycle of new flight systems by eliminating the requirements for complicated pressure models.