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  • January marks 60th anniversary of turbine engine testing for AEDC J-1 engine test cell

    The AEDC J-1 engine test cell at Arnold Air Force Base has reached is 60th year providing altitude testing for medium and large turbine engines.The first facility constructed at AEDC for the testing of turbine engines was based on equipment and operation of a German facility that was moved to the U.S. after World War II.“This facility, known as the
  • Arnold Junior Force Council leads effort in record-setting food donation collection for local families

    With help from AEDC team members across base who donated canned food items, the Arnold Air Force Base Junior Force Council members collected enough donations for 51 food baskets for Coffee County families in need of Thanksgiving meals. Stephen Maccarino, JFC president, stated that this year’s effort was impressive and thanked everyone who supported
  • Outside machinists providing critical support to facilities at Arnold Air Force Base

    Machinists at Arnold Air Force Base are essential to the AEDC mission, making sure that the facilities and test cells are running efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of test customers. Though rarely in the spotlight for their work, the outside machinists working in the shop at the Base Civil Engineering Building complete tasks that are
  • Industrial hygienists, union stewards and craft work together to meet stricter safety standards

    In an effort to meet more stringent safety standards now in place for welders and pipefitters, the Safety, Health and Environmental personnel at Arnold Air Force Base are working with union stewards of the Air Engineering Metal Trades Council and other craft team members to make adjustments and implement new equipment. According to Bing Bragg, an
  • Innovative method used to fabricate and install equipment at C-Plant

    By implementing an innovative method for refurbishing the lower header ducts of one of the C-Plant heaters at the AEDC Engine Test Facility at Arnold Air Force Base, craft crews were able to finish the project 7.5 weeks ahead of schedule and achieve a cost savings of over $195,000.According to Jeff Tate, Technology/Manufacturing planner and
  • Free-jet engine test at AEDC facility sets record

    Transonic speeds with large volumetric flow rates were recently achieved during free-jet testing of a high-bypass engine in the AEDC C-2 test cell at Arnold Air Force Base, setting a record for free-jet mode engine testing at Arnold.According to Doug Hodges, test engineer with the Propulsion Combined Test Force, free jet testing at C-2 is typically
  • Col. Briggs reflects on leading the Test System Sustainment Division

    Col. Raymond Briggs, chief of the Test System Sustainment (TSS) Division at Arnold Air Force Base, is retiring from the Air Force in May and will be leaving his position with AEDC.Briggs came on board at Arnold as chief of TSS in July 2016, and in reflecting on his time here, said the job has been a fulfilling one.“In this role I have led
  • Additive Manufacturing capability could generate future efficiencies and cost-savings for AEDC

    Additive manufacturing (AM), a process commonly known as three-dimensional (3-D) printing, describes technologies that build 3-D objects by adding layers. Team members in the Technology Innovation Branch at Arnold Air Force Base are looking at AM as a way to create efficiencies and cost-savings for AEDC. AM typically uses a computer, 3-D modeling
  • Arc improvements help test teams meet growing workload

    Changes are being implemented at the AEDC High Temperature Laboratory (HTL) at Arnold Air Force Base to assist the test teams in meeting their continuously increasing workload. The HTL houses the arc heater units – H1, H2 and H3 – that provide aerothermal simulation environments for high-speed vehicle materials and structures. According to Jonathan
  • AEDC Spotlight: Eddie Mickle plays integral role in strategic scheduling for facility outages and maintenance

    Eddie Mickle, AEDC work planner at Arnold Air Force Base, proactively fills a critical need for the Aeropropulsion Combined Test Force by supporting the scheduling for outages and maintenance. For example, Mickle created a detailed, integrated schedule encompassing every project being worked during the 2017 summer outage.“Eddie [Mickle]