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  • Hypersonics pioneer Marren retiring from AEDC

    Early in his career, Dan Marren was among those at what was then known as the Naval Surface Warfare Center in White Oak, Maryland, charged with improving offensive and defensive systems on sensitive national defense programs.Their success had historic implications.“The Pentagon program manager traveled to White Oak and showed us a brief going to
  • Hypervelocity capabilities advance to new highs at AEDC Tunnel 9

    AEDC Hypervelocity Wind Tunnel 9 in White Oak, Maryland, is on the verge of delivering an unprecedented capability. In late April, the team at Tunnel 9 completed an initial shakeout of the Mach 18 system and, later this year, facility engineers are set to begin a full calibration on Mach 18. If successful, this would allow for testing at Mach