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  • Woods Reservoir completed 70 years ago this month

    Before the first foundation was poured or stone set, a site for the proposed Air Engineering Development Center would have to be chosen that could meet three primary needs.Along with finding a suitable tract of land for the center and a place where large amounts of electrical power were available,

  • Arnold AFB home to bald eagles

    Previously only overwintering here, a pair of bald eagles began nesting at Woods Reservoir at Arnold Air Force Base for the first time in 2009. They have built two additional nests since then, but only use one at any given time.Two or three eaglets have fledged from nests around Woods Reservoir

  • Arnold Lakeside Complex beach wall reconstructed

    Arnold Lakeside Complex patrons can once again enjoy the sand and surf of Woods Reservoir thanks to an Arnold Air Force Base Civil Engineering project to rebuild the beach wall.The beach wall had failed in two separate places necessitating a temporary closure of the beach access at the ALC. Knowing