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  • New sign installed at Main Gate of Arnold Air Force Base

    Workers install a new sign at the Main Gate at Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn., on Oct. 22, 2020. The new sign, located alongside Wattendorf Highway before entering the base, was necessary after an accident occurred in February 2020, in which a car ran off the roadway and collided with the previous sign. The project was completed by the Simplified
  • Upgrades bring the AEDC 16-foot supersonic wind tunnel nozzle back to life

    A $13 million dollar project to upgrade the nozzle drive motors for the Arnold Engineering Development Complex 16-foot supersonic wind tunnel, or 16S, at Arnold Air Force Base is complete as of early October. While the last customer test in 16S was completed in 1997, a new investment of $60 million dollars is expected to relaunch the tunnel as an
  • Technical Advisory Board meeting held to discuss efforts and opportunities at Arnold AFB

    Leadership with the Test Operations and Sustainment (TOS) contractor for Arnold Engineering Development Complex at Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn., led a teleconference Oct. 13 and 14 with members of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of its University Consortium made up of senior professors from universities across the nation.Among the topics
  • AEDC Spark Cell implementing ideas submitted by workforce

    In late 2019, Arnold Engineering Development Complex leadership implemented the AEDC Spark Cell, a campaign headed by AEDC team members meant to instill a culture of innovation Complex-wide.According to Cameron Liner, chief of the AEDC Capabilities Integration Branch at Arnold Air Force Base, the Ideascale approach was the chosen method for
  • Filtered water stations installed around Arnold Air Force Base

    In an effort to promote healthy lifestyle choices and provide more drinking water sources for employees, the Arnold Air Force Base Civil Engineering group worked with the Test Operations and Sustainment contractor’s potable water team to have filtered water fill stations installed on base.According to Joshua Cooke, senior utility manager at Arnold,
  • AEDC team members observe Insider Threat Awareness Month

    National Insider Threat Awareness Month was observed by AEDC team members throughout the month of September.The recognition of Insider Threat Awareness Month is a collaborative effort between several organizations – the National Counterintelligence and Security Center; National Insider Threat Task Force; Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
  • Stop in the name of safety

    Stop signs have been installed at an intersection near the J-4 Rocket Motor Test Facility at Arnold Air Force Base in response to the observations of an Arnold Engineering Development Complex team member.David Scheuermann, a fuel farm machinist, noticed an increase in traffic flowing through the four-way intersection. Realizing it posed a safety
  • AEDC exploring high-speed video for engine vibration testing analysis

    Arnold Engineering Development Complex test cells and test articles can be outfitted with hundreds to thousands of instrumentation sensors that can capture data at a rate of one to more-than-150,000 samples per second.Even with all of those measurement points, an AEDC team member is seeking to expand the analysis capabilities for engine
  • Stacey Lamb takes on role as Sexual Assault Response Coordinator for AEDC

    At an Air Force installation, a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, or SARC, serves as the installation’s primary point of contact for integrating and coordinating sexual assault victim care services for eligible recipients.Stacey Lamb, a civilian employee at Arnold Air Force Base, serves as the SARC for the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response