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  • New Aeropropulsion CTF director faces challenge of meeting increased test demand

    Though he had not worked directly with AEDC before, Lt. Col. Lane Haubelt, the new director of the Aeropropulsion Combined Test Force at Arnold Air Force Base, knew of its mission and commented that the Complex’s reputation precedes it.“As an engineer, especially one with an aeronautical engineering focus, I was aware of AEDC and knew of the work
  • Dr. Baker takes on new role as AEDC Test Operations Division Technical Director

    As of Jan. 20, Dr. Bill Baker transitioned from his job as AEDC Technology, Analysis and Evaluation Branch chief to the Technical Director of the AEDC Test Operations Division at Arnold Air Force Base. Working at Arnold for a span of almost 55 years, Baker has served in numerous roles and has made a significant impact in AEDC research and