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  • Cop Corner: K-9 training and National Police Week

    Operation Scooby DooMany of you this week may have noticed a large amount of police vehicles and K-9 teams on Arnold Air Force Base on Wednesday, May 1. This was an operation put on by Arnold AFB Police and supported by many of the area law enforcement agencies. The support provided by our civilian

  • Driving on base is a privilege

    People who work on Arnold Air Force Base often tend to forget or don’t realize that driving on base is not considered a right but rather a privilege. As such, it should be treated accordingly. This is accomplished by obeying speed laws, obeying traffic signs and being courteous with others that

  • Arnold AFB police conduct multi-agency DUI checkpoint

    Arnold Air Force Base Department of Air Force Police conducted a multi-agency DUI checkpoint with Tennessee Highway Patrol, Coffee County Sheriff’s Office, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and Manchester Police Department April 28.The DUI checkpoint was conducted at the intersection of Wattendorf

  • Cop Corner: Is your personal firearm stored safely?

    FBI crime data over the past few years shows that the number of personal firearms stolen out of vehicles is rising at an alarming rate.These thefts have almost doubled from firearms stolen during burglaries and other gun thefts. It was reported in 2020 that across 271 cities an estimated 77,000