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Test Systems Sustainment Division

Responsible for planning, programming, execution and reporting of all test infrastructure asset investment programs. Provides improved Research Development Test &Evaluation (RDT&E) infrastructure assets. Performs systems program office type actions for sustaining, modifying and improving the performance of the center. Directs investment program to sustain and modernize the $7.8 billion test facility infrastructure and to improve AEDC test capabilities. Executes more than $75 million annually in improvement and modernization (I&M), centralized test and evaluation investment program (CTEIP), base maintenance and repair, and MILCON funding and integrates and plans more than $500 million in fiscal year direct program funding. Manages AEDC's systems engineering process. Analyzes all validated test asset requirements for maintenance, repair, improvement and modernization projects for packaging into executable programs. Provides program management for criteria development, design, procurement support, construction, checkout and acceptance. Assist with plans for new test capabilities and/or facilities for future test requirements, and prepares and executes long-range investment plans. Provides requirements analysis and programming support on future technical facility needs through the military construction program (MCP), test investment planning process (TIPP) and CTEIP. Evaluates operating contractor's performance.