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Each year several AEDC employees participate in the Coffee County Relay For Life, a fundraiser event that raises money for cancer research. AEDC employees Dee and Shawn Wolfe are captains of Team REMEMBER and assist in planning activities to raise money. Pictured here is Shawn Wolfe with daughter Amber taking part in one of the fundraisers known as “Wreck-a-Car.” (Courtesy photo) AEDC team to again participate in Relay for Life
Preparations are underway for the Coffee County Relay For Life being held April 29, 2016, at the small track located at the Coffee County Fairgrounds in Manchester.  AEDC employees are encouraged to participate in Relay For Life, which is actually not a race, but an event to raise money and awareness for cancer research.Relay For Life starts at 6
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A 1945 photo shows one of the two high altitude cells at the Munich BMW plant. Engines having up to 4,400 pounds of thrust could be tested at conditions simulating Mach number 0.8 (about 525 mph) at 55,000 feet. Inlet air supply totaled 55 pounds per second. The history behind German wind tunnels at AEDC
The story of the German wind tunnels at AEDC begins in July 1944 somewhere in the air over Germany. That is when our Air Force bomber pilots first encountered high speed German aircraft flying without the aid of propellers. These jet aircraft were faster than anything in the skies and they tore apart many an allied bomber formation in the summer of
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Default Air Force Logo Choosing to live
I have worked for the federal government for 13 years. In each and every one of those years, I have been through suicide awareness and prevention training. I have completed the Resiliency Training Assistant course, and I have even taught resiliency at Wingman Days. I know the toolsets to help and have a set of personal coping skills. However, there
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Default Air Force Logo Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor
Veterans have made a selfless choice to lay their lives on the line to serve and protect our country. In many cases, they have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure we continue to have our rights and freedoms.Veterans Day is a time we set aside to honor these special Americans.Originally known as Armistice Day since 1919, President Dwight D.
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AEDC team members assist volunteers with the Good Samaritan of Tullahoma load boxes of food donated as part of the Complex’s Feds Feed Families campaign. Feds Feed Families is an Air Force wide campaign, which AEDC team members have been participating in for the past four years to provide food and other necessities to families in the area who are in need of assistance. Pictured left to right are Shannon Allen, AEDC; Kathy Pelton, Good Samaritan Tullahoma; Pat Crosslin, Good Samaritan Tullahoma; and Peggy Proffitt and William Mallory, AEDC. (Photo by Deidre Ortiz) Donations increase during 2015 Feds Feed Families campaign at AEDC
The Feds Feed Families Campaign is an Air Force wide program that personnel at Arnold Air Force Base have participated in for the past four years.This year 633 pounds of non-perishable food, personal hygiene and baby items were collected and donated to three local Good Samaritan sites.The program provides an opportunity for everyone at Arnold to
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Default Air Force Logo Be proud of your role this Independence Day
On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, starting the colonies on the path to freedom. The next day, John Adams wrote to his wife, describing the time as "the most memorable epoch in the history of America" and saying he was "apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great
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Shown left to right receiving massages are AEDC employees Rhonda Ward and Staff Sgt. Oscar Samame, and Team REMEMBER volunteer Amber Wolfe. Massage instructor Colt Sain (standing, left) along with massage therapist graduates Brandy Moore (standing, center) and Renee Geiger, from the Georgia Career Institute, McMinnville donated massage services as a fundraiser. (Photo provided) AEDC team supports Relay for Life
Team "REMEMBER," from Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC), participated in the Coffee County Relay for Life which was held on the small track at the Coffee County Fairgrounds on April 24.Team REMEMBER raised more than $400 the night of the event and more than $1,800 this year for cancer research. Overall, the event sponsored by the
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Default Air Force Logo Water can make you sick
In the words of the Dave Matthews Band, "Don't drink the water" until you disinfect it.The water that you drink from the faucet is treated usually through a filtration and chlorination processes to make it safe to consume. With the weather becoming warmer more people tend to do outside activities. There are times that you may run out of drinking
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Default Air Force Logo This Memorial Day, reflect on true meaning
It was nearly 150 years ago that our nation first observed a day of remembrance for those who died in service to the United States of America.Over the years, more than one million American Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Marines and Airmen have given their lives in defense of our great nation. We owe our freedom and a true debt of gratitude to
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Jimmy Richardson, an instrument technician with the ATA Test Operations Branch, remained in the hospital for more than three months after a life-threatening motorcycle accident on July 26, 2012. He is shown here a few days after the accident. (Photo provided) ‘Share the Road’ during Motorcycle Safety Month - Pay attention to the road like your life depends on it
When I was working as an electronics maintenance technician at a Shelbyville plant working three to four day shifts each week, I had plenty of time to enjoy my family - three wonderful kids and a woman whom I had been married to since 1989.I also had time to enjoy my other hobby building custom motorcycles for myself, family and friends. It was my
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