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  • Sea Level Test Cells entering third decade with AEDC

    Around this time 20 years ago, a facility new to AEDC was gearing up for its first test.Sea-Level Test Cells SL-2 and SL-3 were undergoing activation at Arnold Air Force Base in the early fall of 1998. The first customer test of an F119 engine was set to begin at the facility early that October.The acquisition of the test cells by AEDC marked the
  • Alpha Warrior brings unique fitness challenge to Arnold Air Force Base

    The Alpha Warrior Battle Rig can be an imposing sight to even the most ardent fitness fanatics. Contained within the compact obstacle course are several stations, each representing a grueling athletic challenge resembling those seen on the “American Ninja Warrior” television series. Among these trials are the callous-inducing hanging rings and bars
  • Col. Tran no stranger to Test Systems Sustainment operations

    Col. John Tran recently stepped into the role of AEDC Test Systems Sustainment Chief at Arnold Air Force Base, and in this position he plans to further develop Commander Col. Scott Cain’s strategic plan and vision for mission ready sustainment across all test facilities.“The Test Systems Sustainment Division is responsible for the overall lifecycle
  • AEDC Turbines team shows its dedication to meeting customer’s testing needs

    AEDC craftsmen and engineers recently demonstrated their skill and dedication to overcome several obstacles when completing a recent series of turbine engine tests in the Engine Test Facility, or ETF. Maj. Mike Knauf, operations officer of the Aeropropulsion Combined Test Force, explained that a busy test schedule was planned for early summer,
  • AEDC Woman’s Club announces local artist as October guest speaker

    The ladies of the AEDC Woman’s Club are excited to announce that local artist Pat Rollie will be the guest of the Oct. 4 meeting at the Arnold Lakeside Center. Rollie began working with watercolor in 2003 and her love of both painting and quilting has led her to the creation of beautiful, award-winning art quilts. Her work has been recognized at
  • Craft crew help with weather encounter testing

    The craftsmen at the AEDC Hypervelocity Ballistic Range are supporting efforts to improve a long-standing “weather encounter” capability by making sure all the elements are in place for upcoming tests. During these tests, projectiles at high velocities will pass through simulated weather as they travel down the range. Afterwards, the impact of
  • Crazy Daisies food truck open for business on Arnold Air Force Base

    As 11 a.m. approached on a day some time in the making, the small group that had gathered in the Main Auditorium parking lot quickly grew.The sound of a nearby generator drowned out the sound of rumbling tummies as dozens of patrons lined up, awaiting their turn to try the wraps, nachos and sandwiches offered by the latest addition to Arnold Air
  • Col. Roberts puts his past experience to use as AEDC Test Support Division Chief

    Having previously served as the Commander of the 61st Air Base Group at Los Angeles Air Force Base, Col. Charles Roberts is comfortable in his new role as AEDC Test Support Division Chief.“Los Angeles Air Force Base had nearly 4,500 personnel, and having been the installation commander, I feel that I have a lot of insight to this position and it
  • Arnold Air Force Base to reap benefits of $19.7 million energy savings award

    NORESCO, one of the 16 Super Energy Savings Performance Contractors, received the $19.7 million energy savings performance contract (ESPC) award to work at Arnold Air Force Base through the Air Force Civil Engineering Center and Defense Logistics Agency. The scope of services under the contract is for NORESCO to provide the upfront capital
  • AEDC’s first Chief Master Sergeant visits 49 years later

    U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Robert Heckman, Arnold Engineering Development Complex superintendent, front left, hosts Arnold Engineering Development Complex’s, first Chief Master Sgt. U.S. Air Force retired Chief Master Sgt. Charles E. Fryer, front center, for a tour of Arnold Air Force Base, lunch and a mentoring session with Arnold Air Force