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  • The face behind Arnold's toolbox topics

    Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) employees get them in their email inbox every day covering a variety of safety, health and security topics. They see her name, Vicki Peters, Aerospace Testing Alliance (ATA) Safety and Health, but do they ever wonder who she really is? She's a wife and mom, a church teacher and volunteer and has been an
  • Arnold's 717th Test Squadron changes command

    Lt. Col. Najeeb Ahmed is the new commander for Arnold Engineering Development Center's (AEDC) 717th Test Squadron. Prior to coming to AEDC, Colonel Ahmed was the chief of acquisition programs of the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force executive action group. He directly supported the SECAF, CSAF, undersecretary of the
  • Arnold's Dave Duesterhaus named NFAC director

    Dave Duesterhaus, quality manager in Arnold Engineering Development Center's (AEDC) Plans and Programs directorate, has been selected to become the new site director at AEDC's National Full Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) at Moffett Field, Calif., effective Sept. 1. The NFAC wind tunnel facility, located at NASA's Ames Research Center, is the
  • Family and friends remember Arnold's first contractor public affairs manager

    When Jack Shea arrived at the Arnold Engineering Development Center in 1953, he had already seen a lot in his 34 years of life, both the best and worst things imaginable. He was already well known for having a keen sense of humor and an ability to see the lighter side in any situation, including when coping with the stresses of war. A rifle-platoon
  • High velocity

    David Brown and Troy Perry, ATA outside machinists, install a slug projectile with a pitch motor installed into the 8-inch bore diameter barrel of AEDC's Hypervelocity Range G's launcher. This projectile will be launched out of the G Range two-stage light gas gun at a velocity of 8,200 feet per second. This is the first test of a new rocket motor
  • Base officials ask public to report illegal dumping by lake

    Air Force officials at Arnold Air Force Base are asking users of Woods Reservoir to report people illegally littering and dumping in and around the lake. Illegal dumping near the dam at Woods Reservoir, a popular place to fish, was recently brought to the attention of base leadership, who immediately took action to mitigate the health and safety
  • Lindsay Haig's journey from college to cutting-edge ground testing facility

    Who remembers their first "real" job? Sometimes that first work experience is one we would prefer to put behind us, but it can also lead to positive and unexpected outcomes. When Lindsay Haig, a 2007 graduate of the University of Maryland, learned she had landed a job at AEDC White Oak where Hypervelocity Wind Tunnel 9 is located, she had mixed
  • Thomas Perkins - a man with a dream

    When his teacher asked Tom Perkins what he wanted to be when he grew up, the seventh grader shot up his hand and confidently replied, "Either an aeronautical engineer or an Army Air Corps officer." The 79-year-old retired Arnold Engineering Development Center engineer said one of his young classmates' questioned the likelihood of such ambitious
  • Major maintenance project nears completion

    A major Engine Test Facility-focused (ETF) renovation and maintenance project at the U.S. Air Force's Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) is nearing completion and checkout ahead of a heavy ground test schedule in August. A primary focus of the project involves replacing a number of cooling coils in the Aeropropulsion System Test
  • Arnold's Crockett Cove offers a great getaway

    Debbie Martin, the wife of Aerospace Testing Alliance (ATA) boilermaker and working foreman Joe Martin, said she is enjoying the sunshine and gentle breezes blowing off the water of Woods Reservoir on the shore of Arnold Air Force Base's newest outdoor recreation area, Crockett Cove. She is chatting with Joey Cowan, an ATA outside machinist at the