AEDC team members setting personal goals for the new year

  • Published
  • By Deidre Moon

For some, the start of a new year means the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions and making plans for self-improvement. 

AEDC team members were asked about their plans for 2020, and many have set goals for the year.

“I do not follow New Year’s Resolutions, but I do believe in a daily motto: When you know better, do better, and always grow!” – Dawnsherrae Bryant, Safety Professional

“For 2020, I want to make a better effort to spend quality time with my entire family. Life passes by so quickly. Before I know it my kids will be too old to spend time with me and it will be too late to spend time with my parents. I spend many days and nights working, attending ball practices and games, but never taking a moment to spend quality time with my loved ones. Living life without regrets.” – Nena Draine, Administrative Assistant

“Try to improve my health; exercise; get closer to God; be a better dad, grandfather and husband.” – Perry Hoge, Pipefitter

“We should always be continuing to better ourselves rather than wait on a new year to make improvements. Currently, I am working to improve both my physical and mental health by eating whole foods, reducing sugar and increasing physical activity with the goal of completing the 2020 Sunrise Century 100-mile bicycle race. I am also incorporating longer meditation sessions, more books and less social media for the coming new year.” – Matt Lance, Machinist Journeyman

“My New Year’s resolution has always been simply just to learn, grow, mature and be better than the person I was a year ago.” – 2nd Lt. Gregory Landrum, Engine Test Project Manager

“Sleep better; focus on family, spend more time together; invest in advancing hobby skills; and read 25 books.” – Michael Magistro, Test Engineer

 “My plans to resolve are to continue updating my important systems and be more grateful.” – Garrick Muncie, ID&C Engineer

 “A goal I am embarking on is training to see if I can try to run a 50K ultra marathon. I’ve never run more than a half marathon prior to this adventure. I’m also hoping to get in another section hike or two on the Appalachian Trail and take my husband on his first backpacking trip.” – Ashley Rose-Nalin, Program Manager

“I don’t normally set specific goals at the start of each new year but after giving it some thought, here are a few ideas I had:

“I actually broke the screen of my phone about a month ago and am just now getting around to fixing it. As a result, I have used my phone much less than I normally would, and that’s a trend I would like to continue in the new year.

“When visiting with family recently, I realized we hadn’t taken a trip together in some time.  In 2020, I will volunteer to plan a small trip or vacation that we’ve always talked about but have never actually done.

“The last thing I thought about was how I could be more mindful about my consumption of resources. I’m challenging myself to make a conscious effort to reuse, repair and repurpose items before replacing them. Although my individual impact might be small in the grand scheme of things, I won’t let that discourage me from practicing responsible stewardship.” – Emily Sayles, ID&C Software Engineer