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Cop Corner: Is your personal firearm stored safely?

  • Published
  • By Chris Hatten
  • Arnold AFB Security Forces

FBI crime data over the past few years shows that the number of personal firearms stolen out of vehicles is rising at an alarming rate.

These thefts have almost doubled from firearms stolen during burglaries and other gun thefts. It was reported in 2020 that across 271 cities an estimated 77,000 firearms were stolen and more than half were from the owners thinking that they would be safe locked up in their personal vehicle.

Although Tennessee’s state laws have changed with regard to carrying and transporting weapons, more stringent federal laws apply at Arnold and prohibit carrying or transporting weapons on base property. Minor exceptions apply, but for the most part, weapons are prohibited in the mission and Arnold Village areas.

It is important to understand that even if you have a concealed carry license, it does not allow you to carry on base or even have the firearm in your vehicle. Areas such as the bike and horse riding trails and posted recreation areas are still base property and firearms are not permitted.

We in Security Forces at AEDC encourage you to take all safety and storage precautions when it comes to your firearms. If you have a personal firearm, store it in a secure manner.

Some tips to consider would be to purchase a biometric fingerprint gun safe or, for the more avid firearm owner, a standing gun safe. Tennessee extended the tax-free holiday on gun safes and other gun safety devices through June 2023.

Help do your part to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals by ensuring weapons are appropriately stored and never left in your vehicle.

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