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  • Bob Weiten knows God drives the canoe

    Bob Weiten vividly remembers a cold day on board the USS Coronado as the 16,405 ton Austin-class amphibious transport dock vessel cut through the icy waters off the coast of Corsica on the way to Palma De Mallorca, Spain in 1972. It was a day that changed his life forever. "It was in the middle of the Mediterranean when I was 22 years old when I
  • Air Force officer fulfills deployment duty, satisfies career goal

    Arnold Engineering Development Center's (AEDC) Lt. Col. Jay "Chris" Sorensen, former deputy director of the 704th Communications Squadron, didn't feel his military career would be complete unless he served his time in the war zone. Marking his 20th year in the service just as he arrived in Baghdad, the colonel had several options but opted for the
  • Project Pioneer: John C. "Jack" Marshall

    Jack Marshall can remember spending his childhood craning his neck to watch airplanes flying over his house near Detroit, Mich., on their way to the major cities in the Eastern U.S. Coupled with his intense joy at taking things apart just to see how they worked and then trying to put them back together again, is it any wonder that he sought an
  • Love for water deepens connection to son

    As long as she can remember, Tunnel 9's Lisa Schappacher, has loved the water. From a very early age her father and grandfather, who were avid fishermen, started taking her with them on their fishing trips to the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. "When I was old enough they taught me how to drive the boat," she said. "That way they could catch most
  • Meet Lyle Russell: New Arnold Golf Course manager

    Lyle Russell comes to Arnold Air Force Base with his wife of seven years, Amy, and a son, Eian, who is four. Russell grew up in Tampa, Fla., and after high school, he planned to join the Marines in honor of his grandfather who served 24 years, but circumstances changed his plans. "Life happened," Russell said. "So, I decided to work instead. A few
  • From testing to training: Falconer Don Hervig has a knack for things that fly

    Zena releases from her master's hand, flies to the nearest tree and starts surveying the landscape below, suddenly swooping down like a bolt of lightning, catching her dinner for the night. Zena is a bird of prey or more specifically a Harris hawk. Her master is Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) engineer Don Hervig. Hervig is one of 25