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Default Air Force Logo Reflection, gratitude befit Memorial Day
As I prepare to retire, I once again find myself reflecting on what it means to serve. Foremost in my thoughts are those who have risked their lives to preserve freedom and democracy. Even as we are hosting barbecues this weekend, or just enjoying extra time with our families, brave men and women are demonstrating their commitment to the United
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Default Air Force Logo Commentary: 2011 a time of successes, 2012 will bring change
As the holidays draw close and the year winds down, we have an opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months and think ahead about what's to come. I would like to thank our team of more than 85,000 hard-working Airmen--military and civilian. As a result of your talents and professionalism, we have seen many successes this year across all of our
0 12/05
Gen. Donald Hoffman Veterans Day -- A time to remember
Duty, honor, country: these words are just as significant today as they were in the past. As Air Force Materiel Command continues to equip warfighters, these words have strengthened our resolve and prepared us for the future.All the great wars fought at home and abroad transformed this country, making it strong and dedicated to the cause of
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Default Air Force Logo Changing the energy culture
The absolute lifeblood of the modern military is energy. It allows us to be expeditionary and go anywhere on the globe. For true energy assurance as an Air Force, we need to be able to find energy solutions and strategies anywhere, even in hostile nations. At the most basic level, that assurance starts with reducing demand, diversifying supply and
0 10/04
Gen. Donald Hoffman Commentary: 10 years later, tragic losses of 9/11 reflect nation's unity, strength
Ten years ago we experienced a tragic attack on our nation -- an attack that changed our lives and changed our national security focus. Though we suffered great loss, the devastation on Sept. 11 failed to achieve its intended goals. Rather than causing us to shrink, we grew stronger; instead of breaking us apart, we became more unified and
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Default Air Force Logo Ready for the mission, ready for the challenges
First, I would like to thank our AEDC team and the community for the world-class reception you have given to my wife, Debbie, and me. We are absolutely thrilled with our assignment - an assignment that I requested. While being given this opportunity to live in this wonderful part of the country and to join this fantastic community is a great
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Default Air Force Logo 2009-2011 at AEDC…Our Family’s Best Ever
Words just cannot describe our gratitude for what has become far and away the best two years in our Air Force journey. When we arrived, we had no idea what lied ahead: a totally new mission, a completely unfamiliar area, and more than a little apprehension. At the same time, we were thrilled with the opportunity, excited about the possibilities,
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Default Air Force Logo CFT: Let’s review what we have learned
It's hard to believe, but this will my last edition of the "Commander's Fit Tip." It's been a fantastic two years, and I can't thank you enough for your interest, comments and correspondence as we explored the universe of topics related to boosting performance, shedding pounds and developing a healthy, life-enhancing lifestyle. It's been an honor
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Default Air Force Logo Celebrating a significant milestone in our nation's history
This weekend, we will celebrate perhaps the most significant milestone in our nation's history ... our Declaration of Independence. This is right on the heels of our own celebration of six decades as the world's leader in our mission here at AEDC. These certainly call for a special event, and today we are honored to partner with the Tullahoma
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Default Air Force Logo Now, that is mentoring
About ten years ago, after enlightening me with, no doubt, another gem of wisdom that went over my head, the colonel said to me, "now, that's mentoring!" Years later, I'm beginning to understand what mentoring really is and that we can easily miss it, even when it's right in front of us. We often seek mentoring from the wrong sources, we don't
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