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Team AEDC Frontlines: Kevin Holton

Kevin Holton (U.S. Air Force graphic)

Kevin Holton (U.S. Air Force graphic)


Editor’s note: The Team AEDC Frontlines series is a recurring feature that puts the spotlight on some of the members of Team AEDC on the “frontlines” supporting our mission, people and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

Kevin Holton is the Senior Security Services Contractor for the Arnold Engineering Development Complex at Arnold Air Force Base.

Holton arrived at Arnold AFB in January 2017, previously serving the local community as a law enforcement officer for 15 years.

“My responsibility here at Arnold is to lead the 60 security professionals charged with keeping the bad guys out and the good information in,” he said. “It is the AID (Akima Intra-Data) security team’s duty to secure resources and protect the base populace in accordance with Air Force guidelines.”

With security services serving an essential function for base operations, Holton has continued to be on site throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that the responsibilities of him and his team have also increased during this time.

“The security team has worn many hats and stepped up its duties for the past several weeks with AEDC leadership implementing a number of base entry restriction updates daily to limit the spread of COVID-19,” he said. “In addition to these changes, the security team has increased its cleanliness practices and sanitation methods to ensure posts and patrol vehicles are kept clean and sanitized for the safety of security personnel, mission essential employees frequenting the base and the families we all return home to.”

Holton did also note, however, that at the end of the day, the current posture for AEDC has not been all that significantly different from his team’s pre-COVID 19 routine.

“AID security officers have continued to do what we signed on to do, and that’s keep the base population safe and the nation’s defense resources secure.

“What the current posture has brought to light is a bigger understanding of how we are all connected with our mission, how we interact with each other day-to-day can and will impact people around us, and the importance of a healthy home and work environment given how rapidly this virus spreads. With that said, a positive attitude can spread just as fast as COVID-19, and I would like to see that spread throughout the Complex in these challenging times.”

Kevin, thank you for all you do for Team AEDC!