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  • Commander's Fit Tip: Give the gift of fitness!

    Having trouble finding just the right gift for that special someone? How about the "gift of fitness!" Fitness gear and gadgets are always a welcome sight under the tree, and with the explosion of pro-level items in the consumer market, the possibilities are nearly endless. This might just be the perfect time to spice up someone's gym bag, and maybe
  • Commander's Fit Tip: How much is too much?

    While not necessarily a foregone conclusion, it's pretty likely that the holidays are driving some interruptions in your workout routine. Historically, a wave of New Year's resolutions end up as some interesting spikes (and crashes!) in workout facility usage rates, both on our bases and at the local gyms. These irregular entries and exits in the
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Worried about keeping off the pounds? These tips should help

    Around this time last year, we looked at just how many miles it would take to run off a typical "holiday" meal. That didn't exactly fill my inbox with "thank yous" so I have a new idea this time around. I'm sure you've heard of the KISS principle (keep it simple). Here's a "simple" list of ways to keep the pounds off and still enjoy a few goodies
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Going "low-carb" not the answer for losing weight

    Apparently last issue's expose on "glycemic index" caused quite a stir, so rather than move on, let's dig a little deeper on the topic and look at how the "type" and source of your calories matter. Just as a quick review, dieticians and nutritionists have developed a way to characterize how quickly and significantly a food (or drink) generates a
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Carb junkies unite! Understanding what you eat

    I bet I've heard this a thousand times! "I spend all this time in the gym, and I just can't seem to lose any more weight!" We've explored lots of reasons for this, however one of the lesser known characteristics of our programs involves our body's natural reaction to the types of food we eat. Nutritionists and dietitians (who also like to sound
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Motivation: keep your eyes on the prize and get results

    For most people, sustaining a challenging workout regimen can present some challenges over the long term. Many of us have suffered from the "morning achies," felt like the effort just "isn't worth it" or otherwise had a hard time just getting to the gym. It happens. But armed with a little data and taking a few moments to reflect on why you've
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Diversification ... it's not just for your stock portfolio

    With so many exercise routines available, it's hard to imagine that most of us are closer to "one trick ponies" than we'd like to admit. But it's true. Ask a fellow gym rat to share their log book, and you'll see a heavy dose of a favorite, and in some cases, you'll see the same entries over and over again. While a heavily focused routine can offer
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Down to the 'core': Don't overlook this part of your workout

    OK, so we've tuned our regimens, added flexibility, and focused some efforts on our legs to help out our running, so what's next? We've covered upper body, lower body, so what about all that stuff in the middle? Since our "core" ties it all together, we can't overlook this vitally important segment, and one that is probably the easiest to see
  • Commander's Fit Tip: It's time to do a little leg work

    Now that we've fixed our tight hamstrings, let's take on the rest of the legs. Fortunately, the quads, shins, and calves don't seem to tighten up like the hams, so these areas usually represent more of a maintenance challenge than a campaign to restore lost flexibility. A few easy moves and you can keep the rest of your legs from becoming a
  • Commander's Fit Tip: It's a stretch: More tips for preventing major injuries

    As we explored in the last message, flexibility is a key part of our overall fitness. Most workout routines actually reduce our flexibility over time, so we need to include stretching routines to counter tightness we'll experience as our workouts get more demanding. But before we look at a specific stretch let's review the rules. Rule #1 - never