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  • Commander's Fit Tip: It's a stretch: Simple technique prevents a major injury

    If you've been following along over the last year, you are well on your way toward getting the most out of your workouts, so it's time to look at a little maintenance action to make sure you can sustain your efforts over the long haul. One of the most beneficial, and unfortunately, often overlooked fitness components is flexibility, and flexibility
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Hurts so good...not in this case

    So you've busted through a couple plateaus, wore out three pairs of running shoes, and had to change the batteries in your fancy new heart rate monitor. By now you are wondering "What's next?" Well, plenty. If you've been following along, and your aerobic engine is running better than ever; maybe it's time to add a few horsepower. In this edition,
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Game Time! Crushing the USAF Fitness Test

    Most of our "deep dives" over the past few months centered on training, so if you've been following along, it's a good bet that your overall fitness, strength and endurance are improving. If you've joined me in the "Fight's On" campaign, you might even weigh a little less than you did when we started in November. So what do we do with all that
  • Commander's Fit Tip: It's all about the water

    Spring has sprung, temps are rising (FINALLY!) and you've committed to cranking out some miles on your bike or putting some serious hurt on the pavement with your new shoes. But somehow, it's just not working out...you just can't seem to get to that "next level." What's holding you down? The solution might be closer than you think. The higher temps
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Plateau busting - knowing your physical fitness potential

    "I've hit the wall!"... "No matter how much I work out, I just don't see any improvement." We've all been there. It can be really frustrating, but the good news is, unless you've really hit your potential, "breaking through" is easier than you think. Maybe you've heard this before ... "If you want to accomplish what you never could, you have to do
  • Commander's Fit Tip: How does it know?

    Last time we busted the "heart beat theory" myth and explored the value of tracking and learning from changes in your "resting" heart rate. Keeping with that theme, let's look at what else the ticker can tell us about our workout program. Now we know our resting heart rate will decline as we progress in a workout program. But eventually, that
  • Commander's Fit Tip: A beat is a terrible thing to waste

    So, you've already busted your New Year's resolution, you missed the Commander's Fit Tip on the Christmas Day Marathon, and despite the times you did make it to the gym, you just aren't seeing the results. Maybe you need to look a little deeper than the scale. In fact, the real results are far more important than a better day at the beach or one
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Go see the spin doctor

    Recently a fellow gym rat cornered me during a workout (by the way, I really don't mind that at all) and inquired about my interest and enthusiasm for "spinning." I was surprised to learn that the activity hasn't really caught on here at Arnold. When I asked him if he had ever tried it, he admitted that he hadn't, didn't know much about it, and
  • Commander's fit tip: A new year, a new you

    I'm hearing that there is a remote possibility that not everyone conquered the munchies over the holidays, and my suggestion of just running a marathon on Christmas Day to make up for it might not have had universal appeal. So for those of us who didn't holler "ya hooo!" when we jumped on the scale for the first time in 2010, let's strategize a bit
  • Commander's Fit Tip: Get adaptation on your side

    Now that we understand the mechanics behind our exercise programs (thanks to last editions refreshingly short fit tip!) we need to look at the physiology and how we respond to exercise. If you want to improve your fitness (note, this is different from sustaining your current fitness level), adaptation will become an obstacle, and the best way over,