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  • Can you see the light? Share your knowledge

    We've had a fantastic string of events in the last couple of weeks, and they shared a common theme ... I saw a real spark in people's eyes, and that's feedback that's pretty rare these days.It's so easy to get in a rut, focus on our own issues or just hunker down in the face of adversity. But here's another approach. Look for something you can do
  • Passing the torch...our most important mission

    Now that most of the boxes are put away, the front office has made it a point to introduce me to our great community, and I have been all over the map meeting our Chambers of Commerce, school officials, and even visited two of the local Rotary Clubs. Here on the base, I've greeted a legion of students in our "Minds in Motion" effort, and toured our
  • Lean times? Listen to the "whispers"

    I love this commercial on the radio ... a little boy whispers "I see wasted kilowatts." For movie fans, this line is a familiar take-off on a classic scene in the late 1990s thriller "The Sixth Sense." On the radio, the ad leverages this theme and communicates the reality that not everyone can see a wasted kilowatt, but they're out there. Here at
  • Take time to really say 'thank you'

    In a few days, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will officially be underway, and before that hits, I'd like us all to take a minute and think about the year about to end, and our contributions to the years ahead. We've all heard "count your blessings" and "give thanks" and countless empty phrases associated with the last week in
  • There's plenty to give thanks for this season

    Next week, we will come together as a nation and celebrate a uniquely American holiday: Thanksgiving. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season will officially be underway, and before you know it we'll be ringing in the second decade of the 21st century. But before we all succumb to a pleasant tryptophan induced slumber on Thursday, please join
  • Be prepared for the unexpected

    This week we exercised our "winter storm" scenario, and the event reminded me that with daylight saving time behind us, it's time to re-think our travel ops, particularly since many of us will be commuting in the hours of darkness. Our fall/winter transition brings wet weather, freezing conditions, dark roads and a spike in deer activity. None of
  • Veterans Day has solemn meaning for AEDC

    In just a few days, we will join together as a nation, and celebrate the holiday specifically crafted to honor those who have made the freedoms and benefits of this country possible. On Nov. 11, we will celebrate Veterans Day.Like so many federal holidays, the history and establishment of this special day is not well known, but the significance of
  • A Second "Call to Arms"

    If you're ever going to sink your teeth into one of my messages, please make it this one. What I'm about to share with you, and ask of you, is serious. Across the USAF, our teammates are suffering. We don't fully understand why, but the outcomes are real. We are losing members at an unprecedented rate, both military and DoD civilian. While we've
  • 2009 Annual Awards Banquet ... the hits just kept on coming

    Now THAT was a banquet!! Huge turnout, home runs in every inning, and a finale that we will all remember. I couldn't have been prouder of both the team that put the whole thing together, to the nominees and winners I met on the stage. This was a night to celebrate AEDC's finest, and the teams serving as the wind beneath their wings.These events are
  • Partners...Our center of gravity

    We enjoy a truly enviable posture here at Arnold. Not only are we blessed with a near ideal location for our mission, the founders also had the foresight to locate some "wind beneath our wings" literally across the base. For those that didn't know the history, the University of Tennessee Space Institute (aka UTSI) was located here specifically to